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Message Subject Yahushua son of Yahuah (Jesus if you must)
Poster Handle the whore at peor before
Post Content
So what's the hebrew say about the son of God? They called him the Mashiach - meaning messiah (saviour). Were there any other messiahs? Nope - He's the one.
 Quoting: Jerichofall

Decent post.

This bolded part is not true, according to Encyclo. Judaica. Under the heading "Phineas" it says "He precedes the messiah" and also that the talmudists say Moses and Elijah praised Phineas, therefore the gospel account to the Jew, is heresy againt their champion at Peor, Phineas the whore-killer.

The same section in E.J. explains that Phineas was given "a priesthood for eternity" for his woman hating ways. So there are two COMPETING priesthoods, one is the woman hating and one is the woman loving.

Phineas is the talmudist messianic figure, because the talmud produces evil sages by its very nature. Phineas jumped ahead of Moses and Joshua, and killed a whore. The priests, being sodomite women haters, were pleased at this. 1300 years later, Jesus showed he was the anti-Phineas, when he defended a whore, shaming all the Phineas-caste.

The talmudists say that BOTH the sayings of talmud and also the written Torah were given to Moses? Total BS re-writing of history by their Babylonian priests of the raped/conquered temple of 580 bc.

Check out "Toldot Yeshu" where the talmudists explain the Yeshu' momma Mary, was a whore. Whorehating is all over the talmudist psychosis. I prefer Jesus, who loved and was loved by women and children.

The learned talmudist sages of his day were just like the evil Egyptian and rebellious Amarna priests of Moses and Joshua's day. Rabbi Hillel of Jesus' time, invalidated the Pharaonic jubliee (forgiveness of debts) because he was a coldhearted rich Pharisee whose family imported silk from Babylonian friends and allies. That is why Jesus overturned their temple: They were running merchant caravans from Babylon and using the people's desire for worship to enrich themselves. Sons of the Devil, Jesus called them and obviously we can see he was right, as these same Pharisees have given us Hitler/Ovaida types and nuclear mid east via Rothschild/Mossad crypto-evil deception-as-a-rule. Whom has made the mid East a nuclear battlefront? It is the Pharisee who defends his right to drag this world to yet another Masada-type event.

Yeah, so basically:

The Bible: Redacted and edited see Wellhausen et al.
The Talmud: Pure evil "heavy loads bound and placed on the shoulders of the weak"
Phineas/Bar Kochba: Judean gay/tyrant whorehating messiah
Joshua/Yeshu: Judean hetro/peaceful whoreloving nemesis
Day of Atonement: Originally to make up for the slaying of Joshua, this meaning was altered to remove both Joshua and Akhenaten from history.
Peor: Historical/veiled pivot of history where Phineas killed Joshua >> then 24,000 Israelites were killed by God as punishment. Later editors inserted other names to hide this sin (see Freud's final book)
Rabbi Akiva: Betrayed the God of Moses, 24,000 of his followers were killed (all but four!)

So why is the number of Israelites killed at Peor, EXCETLY THE SAME as the number of Akiva's disciples killed around the time of Jesus? Exactly 24,000? The Judean spends every minute of their existence running from past sins. It is no surprise that such psychosis will eventually produce a sinner who sees their sin (murder of the woman loving Jesus and disgracing the woman loving Moses/Akhenaten) as a HOLY thing. The psychosis then becomes the rule. This whole guilt trip of the talmudists, is the reason the world is in need of a woman-loving savior.

Anyway, thanks for your post. E.J. is my main source these days, available at most public libraries, I encourage people to read it, especially the sections on BABYLON, BABYLONIA, JACOB FRANK, SABBATI ZEVI, BANKING, PHINEAS, JESUS and MOSES. Why bother wasting time? They are anchored to their past misdeeds and as a tribe they haul them forward so by going to their books, one can easily analyze their neurosis.
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