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Message Subject Yahushua son of Yahuah (Jesus if you must)
Poster Handle Jerichofall
Post Content
Good responces peeps. Thanks Watcher, I enjoyed your reply and I do agree that God has anointed the name 'Jesus', and I believe that he does this in the same way he used Balaam. He took Balaams attempt to curse his people and turned it in to a blessing. I believe he did this with Jesus too, because as you rightly said, people have used the name in spiritual warfare and it does work!

But this doesn't stop us from wanting to know the full truth! Another thing I left out previously, is that Hebrew names also have a meaning. Yahushua means 'Yahuah (my father) is salvation. His very name means, repent and be saved!

Interesting piece on phineas, I will have to do my research on that. The Talmud as stated was a Babylonian corruption of the Torah - stay the hell away.

Finally to those who want proof of God I have bad news, you're not going to get proof. I will just say though that I don't mind being ribbed, because I'm 37 years old now and for 35 years of my life I was the biggest atheist on the planet. I thought the idea of God and religion sucked, until a series of events proved (for me at least) what this is all about. I did what I hope anyone in my position would do - B-lined for the good guys.
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