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Message Subject Yahushua son of Yahuah (Jesus if you must)
Poster Handle Jerichofall
Post Content
For anyone who has been protected against or battled the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ, I utterly salute you. In fact a great website (dumb name but great content) is demonbuster.com where everything is written as Jesus.

For me, finding the proper name for Yah the father and Yah the son were something I feel I was lead (by Yah!) to early in my fast-track to having my eyes opened. If you know better, why not use the proper name but of course it's up to you and no, I don't think it will matter at all come judgement day lol! I'm sure a ton of honest people who worship God have gone to church on a Sunday and now I think everyone who has done even the smallest amount of research realises that it was (and still is) a day of pagan sun worship. Same sort of deal, although I'm not convinced God (Yah) anointed the Sun-day like he did the name of Jesus.

Off topic, but my feeling on fearing God: if you fear God it shows you understand he holds your whole world in his hand. Nebushadnezzar learnt this went his was taken from King of the known world to eating grass in the field. And more importantly than this: the Devil can do any of us a huge amount of harm, but only God in heaven can burn your soul and wipe you out of existence as if you never were. By fearing him you show you understand that he has sovereignty over all creation, and that judgement day will come.
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