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Message Subject Yahushua son of Yahuah (Jesus if you must)
Poster Handle codebreaker
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Good responces peeps.


Interesting piece on phineas, I will have to do my research on that. The Talmud as stated was a Babylonian corruption of the Torah - stay the hell away.
 Quoting: Jerichofall

You are welcome.

As for the talmud, essentially as I mentioned, E.J. explains that it was always Babylon/Jerusalem and each had Judeans/talmudists.

The whole pivot is Peor. It is folly to take the bible as a cover-to-cover whole as Charles Taze Russell and other schemers did. No, for the Old Testament so-called is an amalgam of different threads, from the two Genesis accounts, to the duplicated tellings of many tales, and the dissimilar voices who speak in the text.

Essentially all of this modern day talmudism is built by the following timeline:

-THERA ERUPTION (1650 BC) Ends Minoan Age
-Abraham and the Pharaoh refresh the bloodline via Sarah
-Isaac/Ishmael born from two princesses (Sarah and Haggar)
-Jacob and Esau (Judeans split)
-Joseph (Yuya) given Egypt under Thutmosis IV
-Solomon (Amenhotep III) rules for 30 years in wisdom
-Amarna Heresy (begin Israel)
-Moses/Osarseph/Akhenaten leaves Amarna
-Mosaic Law AND Talmud gotten at Sinai (supposedly)
-Battle of Priests at Peor = Levite v. Phineas
-Joshua (Moses' Masterworker and ally) is killed by Phineas
-24k priests killed as punishment (later this is edited)
-Day of Atonement is added (for the above sin) by Moses.
-900bc = First scribal writing down of Torah (from verbal events)
-800bc second scribal writing
-570bc "Restored" Persio/Babylon temple at Jerusalem
- third scribal writing (they here tack on Kings, Joshua, etc)
- 100bc fourth redactor (tries to compile it all)

...Which brings us up to around 30AD.

At that time, Babylonian donkey caravans were again loaded and making their way to the new merchant-temple at Jerusalem. Much money was coined from blood, as is the way of sacrifice.

So then Bar Kochba ruined his people, and right around here we have Rabbi Akiva losing "24,000 followers in a plague"... Strange that the Judeans would record this exact amount as being taken from them, as at Peor? Perhaps divine punishment followed their money hungry, women hating caste? It appears they were decimated, because the thing they call "mishnah" was compiled by one of the students of only five survivors of that plague.

Essentially my opinion pending further research is that at the time of Jesus and then Bar Kochba, the rabbis were in a losing position, and they basically sent their own people uo to masada to die. Just like in WW2, this is how they think. "It is better that we survive, and these ones die." is how I would expect them to phrase it.

Because of course, Rabbis Meir and Akiva and then Judah ha Nasi are the tiny nouget center of everything that happens next. After Masada, the Pharisees get Judah ha Nasi (whose family is heavily involved in the Babylonian merchant caravan silk trade) to write down the first writing-down of the misnah, meaning, the spoken law of the priests.

Their excuse, historically is that "Oh well we didn't want all this knowledge to be lost!" Yeah well whatever. Anyway the Mishnah period takes a few decades during which the merchant-rabbi-conspiracy between Jerusalem and Babylon is involved in a two front war on all other sages. They then produce their master sage-work, the mishnah.

Even today there is debate as to if Judah actually wrote the thing down! Really now, why would he? "THE LAW" as such never gets to be read by the people anyway, only the sages. Haha I am reminded of that recent Pirate trilogy of Hollywodd fare where at the end, they have the Judean looking fellows and himself of the Corwn'd Londoners, Sir Keith Richards, who is the Alpha-Pirate that protects "THE CODE" ...HAHA Do you see the shit in your face?

And they haul out this HUUUUUUUGE book, comedically huge and the Keith Richards pirate mumbles to himself as he checks the code. Great shit. You have the archetypes my friends, just watch more movies.

Finally if you do re-watch the three Pirates movies as a family, as I here suggest, then consider that the only time they bust open the code is when there is no leadership. Also, perhaps when you watch the movies again, some precocious child will ask the correct question:

"If the only word of the code that Pirates know and depend upon is the word "PARLAY", then why does "THE LAW" need a 100lb book?"
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