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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
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Have you watched the Netflix show Altered Carbon? Itís about humans being downloaded on to a disc & implanted into organic sleeves & living forever. They started out with a giant infinity shaped Orobous. This show is ripe with symbolism. Iíd love to read your thoughts. I had to calm myself several times because I was shouting at the TV every time I saw something. My husband said Iíve got symbolism over load and refused to watch it with me. He said Iím ruining all his favorite shows. But my God they are screaming at us with symbolism these days. Iím still shocked when people shrug it off or explain it away as odd coincidence. Nothing in entertainment is coincidence. As someone involved in theater I know nothing is left up to chance. Every prop ever word down to timing by a few seconds. The script must be followed to the last letter. People see what they want but at the same time you are only allowed to see what is put in front of you. A picture is worth 1000 words and a symbol is worth 1000 pictures.
 Quoting: Truthie McTruther

Well said, i have not time for movies and tv shows right now. This reminds me the dollhouse tv series i have decoded and movie selfless with the mind blowing scene while they were showing a newborn the bad guy tells the good guy/victim etc.

"So you think you're buying a new car, it turns out it has a few miles on it."
Which symbolizes of parents when they have kids thinking they are new people while they are old souls with their memories erased.

I remember before i went to kindergarden i must have been 3 years old and i was at the balcony of my house, an adult very attractive blonde woman passed by the street and i remember me thinking like an adult, romantic stuff and the like.

I was like wow how could this be possible until i learned that i existed before birth and like everyone we're all ancient beings suffering from Alzheimer.
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