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Message Subject Question!! No assholes please~
Poster Handle A Mommy
Post Content
Don't let the anti-milk freaks get to you. Actually the worst thing about milk is that is has carbs. Carb overload is what is killing more people in the USA than anything. Carbs do all kinds of horrible things to your body. The main staple in a person's diet should be Fish, Chicken, Turkey, and lean read meat (in that order). The 2nd staple in our diets should be dark green vegetables which act as mulch to help you digest the protein. And water. Everything else on the planet is basically shit. Some shit is worse than other shit but it's all carb loaded shit. As far as milk is concered, milk actully has nearly a 50/50 carb to protien ratio which is damn better than 99% of the other shit out there.

Of oourse, eating a diet high in fish, chicken, turkey and lean read meat (plus dark green vegetables) is a hassle and expensive. But you get what you pay for. Most of the 'I hate milk' freaks out there know nothing about nutrition and nearly off of them look like total crap.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1274441

As far as I heard milk was good for you, but I guess theres different opinions on everything.. thanks for the info!!!hf
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