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Message Subject Question!! No assholes please~
Poster Handle MrZorg2012
Post Content
Trust your heart girl, I'm worried about my grandkids and family on the west coast. I have been warning them that this kind of thing would happen, lo and behold, it is.
ANY amount of radiation is not good for you. It may only cause some small growth that remains harmless, but it's there.
It tears at cells, cuts DNA strands, and what can be good about that?
I look at it this way, at one time they didn't know how bad it was, Ms Curie comes to mind in her studies of radiation that killed her. She was a giant in scientist, but she didn't know, but we do from her work.
Los Alamos knows, it's the reason we stopped above ground testing. Utah down winders comes to mind, search it and use that info to guide you.

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