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Message Subject Question!! No assholes please~
Poster Handle PatrikC325
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If milk is being contaminated then I am not giving milk to my kids anymore either. No fish since oil spill either, nothing that comes from any water. If I start getting the powdered milk or liquid milk how long do you guys think we have before bottled water isnt good anymore? And is powdered or that little can of liquid milk(dont remember the name) better? Have the same nutritional values? And what about the others like silk and lactaid? Is soy ok or is that still milk? I really dont know :( so please no assholes, just real answers.. thanks in advance~
 Quoting: A Mommy

Do not worry about the food or milk now.The levels that are being picked up are low. Most of the radiation is going into the vast pacific. I would not buy any food from Japan and also be wary of Pacific seafood. IE. Alaskan Crabs
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