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Curing radiation sickness/damage entirely possible with current technology, but SUPPRESSED

Anonymous Coward
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United States
04/02/2011 04:38 PM
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Curing radiation sickness/damage entirely possible with current technology, but SUPPRESSED
Radioactive contamination and sickness is considered to be a death sentence - the ultimate poison for which there is no cure. Well, like many other afflictions which are deliberately left uncured in the world today, damage from radiation can be reversed. Dr. Thomas Moray not only demonstrated these devices, but patented them. Some of his advances were adopted by the US gov't, and eventually he was shut down (similar story as Tesla and Reich).

Nevertheless, I think it would be worth knowing (at a time like this) that the suffering that may come from the Fukushima disaster is as unnecessary as any other curable condition. It is only a death sentence because "our leaders" want it to be.

------Brief synopsis of Moray's work on radiation------

After working with his radiant energy receiver Dr. Moray began noticing radium-like burns on his hands. In an effort to cure his own problems, he delved into the mysterious surrounding biological healing. Radio frequency stimulation of the body was often used to speed healing process. Broken bones evidenced a rapid repair time when exposed to certain radio impulses. Cuts, bruises, and some burns were also healed by the use of specific radio impulses.

Dr. Moray then studied the use of various radiant therapies, with particular regard for radium and cobalt therapies. He determined that, while each of these methods had their specific effect and use, a more penetrating radiation would outperform all of these systems. He began experimenting with systems of his own, developing several remarkable tubes for the projection of rays. During the research he had found that certain ray energies could enhance tissue repairs without harming the body. He now applied the theory of Le Bon, intent on producing novel and unknown rays through photo nuclear reactions.

He arranged specific elements and radioactive composites in low-pressure gaseous tubes. The idea was to stimulate a near aetheric disintegration of matter, releasing deeply penetrating radiance, which was far less energetic than gamma rays. Near light like emissions was his goal. Tesla generated these in high vacuum tubes with carborundum buttons. The light from Tesla's tubes provoked physiological stimulations of a healing variety. After a thorough series of experiments, he wrote several articles on the subject. In his short treatise on "Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Ray Therapy" he wrote:

"Because the fundamental radioactive process does not originate in the electronic structure ... on the surface of the atom ... but in the center of the atom, deep therapy is possible over a long time period...".

Dr. Moray developed and used his special "ray applicators" with the deepest conviction that their penetrating powers would render therapy without damage, himself having been the living proof. The theory behind his devices was profound. Learning the radiance emitted by tissues during self-repair, he could apply the same radiance artificially to stimulate repair. Light-like penetrations could stimulate deep tissue healing with specific precision if made gentle enough.

"These rays will penetrate one half inch thickness of lead ... and yet they will not injure healthy tissues because of the internal "phantom" characteristics ... and the nature of the active material used...".

These mystifying statements indicate the revolutionary nature of the Moray therapeutic devices, large bell-shaped tubes and blown glass containers (patent 2 460.707). Careful study of this design reveals four distinct ray tube forms and several possible variations of each. His therapeutic ray tubes utilized a variety of gases and radioactive materials in judicious proportions and combinations.

With these devices and others like them, Dr. Moray now freely investigated the strange world of gamma and "Aether ray" energies. Taught in science classes as deadly, Moray found out that gamma rays could neutralize the radioactivity of natural ores and perform other wonders. Remarkably, these patents were granted. There are those who yet declare that Dr. Moray revealed the secret of his radiant detector in this patent.

According to reputation, exposure to radiant output from these Moray ray tubes was non-hazardous and "thrilling". Some of these devices employed windows of quartz or of ruby glass to project the rays. Output from these large bell jar tubes is body-permeating, made to invigorate the entire being. Their stimulating and refreshing influence reportedly produced an invigorating response similar to intravenous injections of vitamins (Bearden).

The YAROM tube ("Moray" backwards), is a blown glass device which is not unlike a cylindrical Zworykin iconoscope tube (Lehr). Electrically activated by 250 Kilovolt impulses, electronic currents are directed toward a strangely configured multi-staged target of unknown compositions. When operating, the device releases a soft, healing pink light. This permeating light appears within tube, easily traveling through the blown quartz walls to the outside air. Hands can block the light, but longer exposures prove their permeating effects. Moray claimed that these rays originated deep within atomic nuclei.

Exposing various materials to the output of this comparatively small ray-tube, Dr. Moray found it possible to stimulate the growth of crystals and metals. The divided gold content of mining soils were actually made to "grow" by exposing them to specific gamma rays. This led to other more dramatic research objectives, his third revolutionary development.