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Message Subject GREAT LAKES DRINKING WATER: Have you noticed a weird alum-like taste? Itchy throat, dry mouth, diarrhea?
Poster Handle DoveInLight
Post Content
This is crazy. No news, they are afraid of starting a panic eh?
I'm in Michigan. Closer to Detroit.
Does anyone have a good source of info that is doing any measurements here?
 Quoting: Revo/elation

the EPA doesn't even have rad levels posted for our area anymore, nor chicago/indiana... it's horrible

SO many people sick with this 'flu' now. Another 2 more I know personally out near your way (Im in SW MI)
 Quoting: DoveInLight

I have this flu as well, started last Monday, and it is kicking my ass. Fever, sweats, diahrea, nausea,coughing and coughing...good news is, my hair hasn't fallen out yet!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1302764

So this is how it goes down. I am just a bad of a sheep as anyone if I don't pick up the phone and call someone about the safety of the drinking water.

Not a peep in local detroit media.
 Quoting: Revo/elation

not a peep here, either... just lots of people in the hospital and schools discussing it. They took down the radnet monitors locally. This is horrible.
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