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This is a complete example of police brutality.
What the fuck? This is a young women they tazered. You mean to say that a 250 lb police officer with back up canīt arrest a 120 lb women with out using the imperial force weapon. This is outrageous. These cops are acting like storm troopers. I watched it several times. The woman actually handles it the best Iīve ever seen. But even still it is dangerous and this tazer has already killed hundreds. It needs to be banned. The police have shown themselves in this example and many others to be cowards. They need to go back to the gyms and away from the donut shops and arrest people the old way. Also what the fuck are they doing arresting protesters in the first place. Let them have there protest and donīt confront them unless they are destroying public property or private. I fear that we are all heading towards a total police state. Civil war looms on the horizon. Once the oil stops flowing all hell will break loose. The police need to wake up. There must be some good cops out there. Did they not swear an oath to protect the citizens that pay there wages. Have they forgotton. Shame on them. Shame on them all. Wake up America a dark day has cast itīs shadow on your Nation.
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