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Poster Handle Kitty
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Thanks for posting this video. I am most definitely going to track events like this. I canīt imagine a person being able to/wanting to inflict unnecessary pain like that. This type of cruelty needs to stop. We "The People" need to take steps to ensure that those who are hired to positions of authority are of sound mind and ethics. An officer of the law needs to know, among many things, we have the right to assemble, we have the right to free speech AND the intent behind every position of authority is to PROTECT US AND OUR RIGHTS.

Food for thought:

1) How could this woman rollover on her stomach when one of the other police officers was holding her head down. It appears as if they were just restraining her so that they could hook that damn thing up.

2) If a private citizen did that to a person, what do you think would happen to him/her? Fines? Jail time? So why are our "protectors" allowed to do that to someone who is posing no harm?

This is appauling! AND outrageous!

AND these comments come from a government employee/a person in a position of authority who has compassion for others and knows where the boundaries are.
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