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Message Subject If God is NOT the author of confusion, then he had NOTHING to do with the Bible.
Poster Handle Paid Government Shill
Post Content
Understanding is your problem, you need to ask God and the holy ghost to clear your sight. You better ask and believe his Son Jesus the Christ first.
 Quoting: daughter

That sounds nice and all, but everyone claims they've asked God and heard from the holy spirit about their denomination and/or viewpoint.
 Quoting: Paid Government Shill

OP, people will confuse you.

If you're interested in salvation, pray. God will reveal.
Pay no attention to what people say, for the Shepherd has been struck and the sheep have been scattered. The "church-age" has ended, tho' it mostly doesn't know this yet.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 728979

I don't think you understand what I mean. The mere fact that there are SO MANY denominations is a clear indicator that the Bible is NOT clear. People get different things out of it, hence CONFUSION. I mean, look at that poster Ice and his mentor Harold Camping. They are using the Bible to set a date for the rapture. Everyone backs up everything they say with scripture. You see it all the time on GLP. Christians battling Christians using the same book.

So, if God is not the author of confusion, he had nothing to do with the writing of the Bible.
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