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War Threats Iran - Nukes - BlackOps "Drills" - Military Coup vs Bush NWO Puppet Neocons

on - the - brink
08/25/2005 03:11 PM
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War Threats Iran - Nukes - BlackOps "Drills" - Military Coup vs Bush NWO Puppet Neocons





8-18-05 WEBSTER TARPLEY BRIEFING - CLOAK & DAGGER: [link to www.cloakanddagger.de]

[link to www.cloakanddagger.de]

[The shows are in box that says: "September 11 - Expose the Deception"]

INTRO QUOTE ~~ (at beginning of tape)
#1 Male: "But ask yourself: If we had learned on November 22, 1963 that the Premier of Russia had been shot from a Moscow office building, by a lonely capitalist sympathizer whom himself was then liquidated by a patriotic Muscovite within 48 hours while surrounded by armed police, I think it would be pretty apparent to any free thinking person that a coup d´etat and a transfer of power had just taken place in the Soviet Union.

#2 Male: "ahhhh….

#1 Male: "And we would not be asking questions or attacking Jim Garrison or his record. We would be, in a free-thinking society, asking hard questions about why he was killed and what forces were opposed to him." ~~


LB - Lenny Bloom / Host
SS - Sherman Skolnick / Co-host
WT - Webster Tarpley / Guest

LB: Welcome back to Cloak & Dagger dot d-e ( [link to www.cloakanddagger.de] ) I´m your host, Lenny Bloom, and along with my illustrious co-host Sherman Skolnick, we are going to scrape the bullshit off the truth and expose the state secrets that the shadow oligarchies hope you don´t learn. Once again this is Cloak & Dagger dot d-e. You´re now tuned into the world´s most trusted source for the truth in the news from the only established experts in counter-propaganda science.

It´s Thursday, August 18th (2005), 10 PM Eastern. You´re joining... and joining me on the line is my co-host with his great experience in crime-fighting and the only "Judge Buster" on the planet. It´s my great honor to welcome back Sherman H. Skolnick of Chicago, Illinois. Sherman, welcome back.

SS: Fine, and we´ve got...

LB: the imminent... imminent

SS: We´ve got our illustrious guest

LB: Yep

SS: ...ready to give us a briefing on things, Webster Tarpley. He´s, as usual, going to bring us his treasury of wisdom.

LB: And he has, of course...

SS: ... we´re glad your back with us, Webster.

WT: Thank you so much, Sherman, always a pleasure.

LB: And I´d like to mention Webster´s wonderful book "Synthetic Terrorism" which we’ve all read and it´s a must-read for everybody. Before we start, let’s review where do they get your tremendous book, Webster?

WT: I think the easiest place to get it is Amazon and if you go there I believe you can get my "9-11 Synthetic Terrorism – Made in USA," together with my 1992 "Unauthorized Biography of George Bush" in a reprint from last year. You can get that all for $29 dollars and you can get it sent to you for free. So that´s a helpful way to get it because the higher the Amazon statistics go, the better the chances of getting it into bookstores.

LB: Terrific. And if you have not heard of the "Unauthorized Biography of George Bush," is it another must-read. It is for all students of what´s happening in the world, all students of media. It is a must-read because in order to... because it´s chock full of information that you will not get anywhere else. It´s a unique book, just like all of Webster´s material. It´s just tremendous. Okay Webster, let´s get into the briefings.

WT: Well, I´m still operating in the strategic perspective that was... that emerged around the article by Philip Giraldi, former CIA operative, the partner of Vince Cannistraro, in the ´American Conservative´ Magazine at the end of July. When he wrote an article indicating that according to his inside sources, Dick Cheney had tasked the Pentagon to be ready for a nuclear sneak attack against Iran and/or North Korea using min-nukes as part of the... the array. And this would take place in the wake of a new 9-11 Terror Attack. A very specif... suspicous kind of combination because, of course, if Cheney wants war and needs a terrorist attack as a pretext and a cover story for what would otherwise look like an unprovoked act... act of aggression, it´s clear then that Dick Cheney is not going to leave that terror attack to chance. But he and his invisible government masters and confederates are going to make sure that that happens.

Now I guess I can divide what I have for you this evening into 2 parts. The first is the ´Iranian war danger.´ And the second part is "Sudden Response ´05" as a case study. As an example, certainly not the only one, of a terror drill which can turn into state-sponsored false flag synthetic terrorism from one minute to the next.

And I... perhaps to add to the drama, that "Drill" held along the coast of South Carolina, North Carolina, and perhaps Virginia was scheduled to begin yesterday, the 17th of August. But it was delayed for some reason until about 3 o´clock in the afternoon or 4 o´clock in the afternoon, local time in Charleston, South Carolina. And that drill therefore has been going, as we speak, for about 6 hours. So lots of surprises are possible there and I have some on-the-ground reports on that.

But first of all, let´s look at the big strategic emergency.

The big strategic emergency came into the clear on Friday, last, when Bush gave an interview to the Israeli television. And there he was asked about what his policy was on Iraq and Iran in particular. And then when it got to Iran, he said, "all options are on the table."

Did that include the nuclear... the use of nuclear... of force..." -I´m sorry- "Did that include the use of force?"

Bush replied, "all options are on the table, the use of force is the last option for any President and you know we´ve used force in the recent past to secure our country."

Now that... those remarks were interpreted around the world as beginning a phase of the world sliding towards confrontation and possibly nuclear confrontation, explicitly, nuclear confrontation in some... some of these remarks.

It was about 6 or 9 hours after Bush spoke, the German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder was beginning his election campaign at the Opera(sp?) Platz in Hanover and he took dead-aim at Bush´s War Policy. And he said in the kickoff speech for his campaign and in an interview also with the widely read newspaper, ‘Bild am Sonntag’, Schroeder said, "take the military options off the table since we have seen that they are worthless."

He went on to say, "I consider the military option extremely dangerous. I can definitely exclude that under my leadership this government wouldn´t be a part of it."

So Germany will not be a part of the part of the attack on Iran. It´s interesting that this is just about the 4th, I´m sorry, the 3rd Anniversary of that moment back in August, 2002 when Schroder became the first NATO Head of Government to repudiate Bush´s Iraq War. So Schroeder is batting a thousand, at least, in this department.

Schroder recommended a policy of patient diplomacy and he talked about his desire for German-Russian reconciliation. Now reconciliation with Russia is something you simply will not get if you attack Iran and kill the Russian technicians that are working there.

Schroder pointed out, "that the United States is able to win wars but cannot win the peace," as he said literally, "we´ve seen that in Afghanistan and even more so in Iraq."

The German Foreign Minister, Joschka Fischer, added, " that military operations would always bring the risk of uncontrollable escalation."

Next it was the turn of the British Foreign Office. The Foreign Office spokesman said on Saturday, around midday, "our position is clear and has been made very, very clear by the Foreign Secretary," and that would be the lamentable Jack Straw, ... "we do not think there are any circumstances where military action would be justified against Iran. It does not form part of British Foreign Policy."

Now the most explicit is a statement by Putin of Russia, where I think he addresses, better than some of these others, the... .the actual nuclear issue. And he says, "I think that lowering the threshold for the use of nuclear arms is a dangerous trend because somebody may feel tempted to use nuclear weapons."

Now this is, of course, the underlying issue and all Washington and all world capitols really have been buzzing with this now for several weeks. Putin was taking part in Russian military maneuvers in the Barrens Sea, way up north. He spoke from the Russian Battlecruiser, "Peter the Great."

So he says, "I think that lowering the threshold for the use of nuclear arms is a dangerous trend... somebody may feel tempted to use nuclear weapons. If that happens, the next step can be taken. More powerful nuclear arms can be used which may lead to a nuclear conflict. This extremely dangerous trend is the back of the mind of some politicians and military officials," said Putin of Russia. This is Interfax News Service, August 17th. While he was saying this back in Moscow a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry categorically ruled out any use of force against Iran.

The Chinese, in their own way inscrutable way, didn´t make their own statement that I´m aware of. But the ‘People´s Daily’ and ‘Xinhua News Service’ gave exhausted and repeated coverage to Schroeder´s warning saying that there should be no military attack on Iran. So, I think we´ve got basically all of the main strategic centers of the world that have... that have come now online and essentially talked about the… the need to avoid this.

Now, nevertheless you´ve still got all kinds of madman running around Washington, not just Bush but you´ve also got people at the Heritage Foundation. Here we have Helle Dale of the Heritage Foundation Allison Center for Policy Studies, saying there´s an article in the Washington Times called "Deterring Tehran." This article says, "the United States should be ready to use ´Deep Earth Penetrating Nuclear Weapons on Iran."

We´ve also got a dynamic duo of military madmen and let´s see if we can find... we can find them here in the computer. The... the leading one of this is a guy called Vallely, here we go. This is Lieutenant... I’m sorry, Major General Paul Vallely, of the U.S. Army, former deputy commanding general of the Pacific. And he´s joined by Lt. General Thomas McInerney… McInerney, former assistant vice chief of staff of the Air Force. And former director of the ‘Defense Performance Review.’ And they have been churning out in books, articles, op-eds, I think most recently in the Wall Street Journal, the notion that the way to get Iran to attack you, this isn´t explicit but implicit, is that you should simply close the Straits of Hormuz. Take advantage of the very narrow choke-point there in the Persian Gulf in the Strait of Hormuz, and essentially cut off all of Iran´s foreign-trade and... and related stuff.

So there is a very alarming pattern, I think, diplomatically, of what this all looks like. And I think we can say that the main capitols of the world are very much aware of the fact that this Cheney plan, invisible government plan, for nuclear confrontation with Iran, probably a nuclear sneak attack, that this is very much on.

Now, I think the scenario that I was just telling you about, the Vallely -McInerney scenario, is inherently unlikely. Because if you... this just shows how… how insane these military types, in the Special Forces community especially, and the other related parts of the Pentagon can get. If you try to cut off the Straits of Hormuz, you are essentially committing an Act of War, not just against Iran but against the people in Europe, in Japan, in China who are receiving that oil, so this is not a very good idea.

What you rather need of course, as I’ve been saying, is an act of state-sponsored, false-flag, synthetic terrorism. And I think we´ve… I’ve tried to identify, over the last couple of weeks, the pattern of how this could happen. It’s going to happen, most likely, under the cover of a "terror drill" or a "war drill" organized by the intelligence and security and military bureaucracy of the United States, in this case.

LB: Sherman

WT: It focuses very specifically…

LB: Sorry…

WT: It focuses very…

SS: They… they may want to do some dirty trick piggybacking on a mock drill of some kind.

WT: Well, the "drill" that we´ve identified... and I don´t want to over-identify this drill because it could be any drill. But the one that we… that we know about is the "Sudden Response ´05" with headquarters in Fortress Monroe, Virginia. Taking place on the coasts of North Carolina, South Carolina, and other inland locations. Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the home of the Special Forces, is involved in this, indeed. According to the press coverage, the idea for having this drill came from Fort Bragg. Now Fort Bragg, we should just note in passing, was of course, founded… the entire Special Forces tradition goes back to this infamous General Ed Lansdale who was an official, integral part of the Allen Dulles, Lyman Lemnitzer, Ed Lansdale clique. And that was the "black ops - dirty Ops" of the Kennedy Administration. And as time goes on I think the… the suspicion of this clique in regard to the Kennedy Assassination gets to be greater and greater. But let´s just focus right now on what´s going on.

SS: Tell me Webster, This General that they saw fit to arrest, supposedly for adultery. General Kevin Byrnes… do you suppose that this had something to do…? He was a top official there at Fort Monroe.

WT: Yes, I think…I´ve tried to look into this now I think, based on what I could find, which I’ve hesitated to say because I think we have to be damn sure of what we´re saying when we get into these things. It does look like General Byrnes, the 4 Star General commanding the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, based in Fort Monroe, Virginia. Which you used to be able to visit, I once drove around it, myself. There’s a little… a cell there where Jefferson Davis was held as a prisoner in the 1860´s. But it’s the Training and Doctrine Command. And it looks to me like the profile of Byrnes is that he may indeed, be part of a group, at least, that is interested in opposing the designs of the Neocons. And perhaps offering some kind of resistance to the terrorism and war scenario that is being pushed forward by Cheney and the rest of the invisible government. Just a couple things on this. In terms of Byrnes himself, his track record would seem to be that he got into an altercation with Cheney some years ago... -I´m sorry - with Rumsfeld, some years ago, about some matter of budget and related deployments.

Another one was that since he is the Training & Doctrine Command, he was told that one of his facilities in Alabama would have to be ready for the influx of up to 50,000 recruits. Which is far greater than recent levels. This… this would indicate a kind of a wartime surge that might be planned by the War Party… the Neocon party in the Pentagon.

And Byrnes was also told, according to what I´ve been able to learn, that he had to be ready for recruits that could not speak English, recruits with criminal records, recruits with almost no education. And he found this was impossible, so he didn’t want to go along with this. So it may be it’s not so much of a high-leveled principled opposition, but more in terms of these sorts of issues, but it may be more.

The other thing about Byrnes that I´ve been able to find out is that you do have the U.S. Army War College at Carlisle Barracks, PA. And there you have, among other things, a scholar by the name of Jeffrey Record, some of whose books I´ve looked at. He is a very skeptical and very... let´s say, unenthusiastic student of recent U.S. military operations. His book on the original Gulf War of 1990- 1991, was very downbeat, let´s say, in terms of what had been accomplished and how the U.S. forces had performed.

And more recently Carlisle Barracks, the same scholar, I think Jeffrey Record, had put out something indicating that the current Iraq War was headed towards failure. So it looks like there’s a group at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, that may include Generals, may include Flag Officers, probably does. And that this General Byrne… Byrnes was also oriented towards this other side.

Now let’s just look at the other side. The other side is who fired him? He was fired by General Schoomaker. Now, General Schoomaker belongs to the Special Forces group. This is always bad… this is always suspicious. The military people that you… that might be positive are generally traditionalists from the normal branches, not from the Special Forces. So as soon as you see Special Forces, flags go up.

Schoomaker seems to be a utopian brought back from retirement Rumsfeld and company after the firing [June 11, 2003] of Shinseki who had, you remember, had said it would take 300,000 or more troops to subdue Iraq and was immediately put fast-track to early retirement by Rumsfeld. The other thing about Schoomaker, and this is very telling, is that Schoomaker was a part of the failed attempt to rescue the U.S. hostages in Tehran back in April of 1980. This was the Special Forces attempt to go to Desert 1…it was the site, and then carry on this daring-do of getting the hostages out of Iran. Now we´ve gone through this in the recent 25th anniversary, remember that one of the versions of why that failed is that the Soviet Air Force showed up in large numbers. So anyway, Schoomaker was a part of that. Schoomaker had that bitter experience. If you know the movie, "The Package," he maybe somehow the original of the ´evil General.´ If you remember this exchange at the beginning between the ´evil´ General and the ´good´ Sergeant who’s going to save the day. The... the hallmark of the ´evil´ General is that he is a Special Forces General who was part of the failed attempt to… to get to Desert 1, and so forth. So it does seem that the firing of Byrnes has this positive content. But now… I mean that this was a figure that had positive content.

Let’s just take a look at a couple of things. The drill started already on the 13th of August at Fort Bragg. And here we have some pretty wild things. We have a joint drill of the Army and the North Carolina government going through a terrorist response drill. And among other things, we have 2 Congressmen, Congressmen Bob Etheridge and Congressman Mike McEntire, both Democrats as far as I can see, playing along, play acting in the roles of hostages in the drill. So from this we see that the drill includes taking members of the U.S. Congress as hostages… an interesting point. And I´m sure if you are in the Congress if won´t escape you that that´s a threat to you; that maybe you´ll be taken… taken hostage as part of some new activity.

I´m just going to go through a couple of releases that I´ve gotten from the area, in this area of the Peninsula of Virginia, down there near Newport News and Fort Monroe. We have in the local media that C-130 Aircraft, these are Hercules C-130 Air Transports, from Langley Air Force Base, are doing a massive "Mosquito Spraying Operation" starting at about 4:30 each day. First day of the operation today, August 18th, Thursday, and this includes all these places: Newport News, Port Smith, Langley, Yorktown Naval Weapons Station, and so forth. If you are allergic to the spray, you are advised to stay indoors, we read. Now this is obviously made to order for some horrendous variation which I leave to everybody´s imagination; how easy it would be to put some other substance into that spray.

Now I´ve already indicated that the drill scheduled to begin yesterday the 17th, has now started, as far as we know, today, the 18th.

We also find that there´s a freaked-out article in the local newspaper - this is the ‘Charleston Post and Courier.’ Now, over the last couple of weeks, and I think this is a mobilization that really started on this program, right here, on July 28th, in the evening, unless I´m very much mistaken. The beginning of the mobilization that has... that has focused so much attention on this has been right here on this program.

But now the local paper, the ‘Charleston Post and Courier,’ has had to respond to this. And they have an article, which tends to mock it. I´ll just give you a quote - it´s an attempt to mock anybody who’s worried about this, of course…

LB: Uh huh

WT: … the usual paranoid conspiracy theorist.

LB: Yeah

WT: And it says, "The chatter has stirred up folks all over the Low Country who are worried that nuclear fallout could seriously ruin their weekend. Officials with Charleston County, the state’s emergency management personnel, and even the Department of Defense have gotten worried calls from folks scanning the skies for mushroom clouds over Fort Sumter. The trouble is, as with most conspiracy theories, the facts often get in the way. Local officials say no drills are planned this week and the state Ports Authority say no plans have been made to detonate any nuclear weapons in the harbor."

Well that might be comforting except for the fact that we know from releases from the U.S. Northern Command as well as from local newspaper articles before.

LB: right

WT: That that´s simply not true. That there are things going on there. The articles go on to say, "the rumors began with a Northern Command Press Release about a terrorism training exercise that began. Here´s the scenario: "A seafaring vessel transporting a nuclear warhead makes it’s way into port off the coast off Charleston, South Carolina. Terrorists aboard the ship attempt to smuggle the warhead off and detonate it."

And they focus on a website maintained here in the Washington area, by a friend of mine, where we find an article saying that it’s quite possible that this "exercise" is intended to go "live" and be used as cover for a real attack. And this website, that the newspaper doesn’t like, says that the terrorism drills were planned in the United States on 9-11 and in London on 7-7. So the basic… the basic argument of this local newspaper, important local… regional newspaper, indeed, is to simply say that the facts that have been announced by the government itself, are not relevant and that nothing is going to happen in this regard. So it simply indicates that the… the concern in this area is, I think, extremely high.

We’ve also got in the ‘American Conservative,’ which is a … the same magazine that published the Philip Geraldi article, we’ve got an opinion piece by none other than Patrick Buchanan… Patrick Buchanan, who can get on television. He ought to say some of this stuff on television instead of the dribble that he does say. But he goes through the obvious facts about the Cheney command, the Cheney order being put into the Pentagon. And he says… the conclusion to this little note says, "Will Cheney at all chin up a nuclear attack on the old Confederacy,"…I guess that would be Charleston, South Carolina, where the Confederacy began, … "and immediately nuke Iran while Congress is out of session this month?" Well, imminently possible.

LB: Yeah

WT: Now let’s just look at one other aspect here. I guess we’ve got limited time

LB: It’s okay, we’ve got 10 minutes. Go ahead.

WT: We know that the 9-11 events were preceded several months in advance by a scenario film. My people have seen it… "The Lone Gunman," which is about how a group of terrorists was able to takeover an aircraft through a very sophisticated remote-control system and attempt to fly that aircraft into the World Trade Center. And it’s only the good guys, so to speak, who were able… using the famous "octium" chip, who were able to hack into the bad-guy computer and free the plane from this kind of control. So the main outlines of 9-11, at least some of them, were available in advance in the form of this Fox television film, "The Lone Gunman."

Now in the case of Charleston, South Carolina, we have to go back to 1983. And here we find a scenario-film [called "Special Bulletin"] that pretty much duplicates the scenario for the drill. And what’s worse, maybe the scenario for the drill going "live" in the form of Cheney´s nuclear detonation. So this was made for television, broadcast in 1983, produced by Edward Zwick, written by Marshall Herskovitz. They then wrote the series, "30-something My so-called life." A terrorist group brings a homemade atomic bomb aboard a tugboat to the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina, in order to blackmail the U.S. government into disabling its nuclear weapons. The incident is broadcast live on television from beginning to end." That’s the interesting thing about this and I´ll try to point this out in a second. It’s all done through news’ broadcasts.

Here´s the idea... they start… the terrorists start with the demand that they want every nuclear triggering device possessed by the United States government, at least in that region. Apparently something like 900 nuclear triggering devices… I’m not an expert in this. But the thesis of the film, at least, is that without the triggering device, you can’t blow up the bomb, so without the triggering device, you essentially neutralize the bomb, at least for the moment. So the terrorists want to take the nuclear triggers out to sea and destroy them, throw them overboard. The terrorists have got their own Nagasaki-style nuclear device. They demand that it be… that their demands be met. They want… they’ve got somebody on the inside who is a disgruntled scientist, who’s not happy with U.S. nuclear policy and so forth. The government first tries to play down the story but you’re getting all this through essentially a series of news broadcasts. The government stalls, brings in the Navy Seal team and then there’s a very dramatic scene. It’s a little bit like the one with James Bond in Goldfinger when he’s trying to disarm the atomic bomb there in Fort Knox?

LB: Right, right.

WT: In this case, they are trying to disarm the bomb but they fail. And the bomb goes off and you have a death toll of 2,000 immediately, 25,000 suffering burns, and… and so forth. So that´s the scenario called "Special Bulletin." As I tried to mention, perhaps once before, the… the coast of the Carolinas had been contemplated by the United States as a nuclear proving ground, back during the Second World War, before they settled on Alamogordo, New Mexico, and later Nevada. They thought of doing this on the North Carolina capes, on those islands, a chain of islands off the mainland. Because if you blow up something there the… the radioactive fallout simply goes out to sea. So there would be something to that.

LB: Webster, do any of these stories go beyond once the bomb goes off to… as to how and what happens? What the government does and what it is about. Like, does it go beyond that? And if it does, what actually is… what actually is the story?

WT: Does the scenario fit … have a political aftermath?

LB: Well, does this trigger the troops sent into whatever… Like how do they pin the bomb on a country? Like how do they then pin that in the stories?

WT: In the case that we’ve just been dealing with, in this scenario? It’s not going to be pinned on a foreign country. It’s going to be pinned, if on anything, on the U.S. nuclear-freeze movement or peace movement or something like this. So some adjustments would be required. The… the…

LB: But what do you feel… what do you feel is the way? What is the disease necessary to… in order to offer the cure? Being to go into Iran… how would they then link the bomb to Iran?

WT: Here’s what they would do. Instead of having peaceniks do this, they would try to portray it as an action by Hezbollah. Let’s think about Hezbollah for a minute. Hezbollah, the "Party by God" is a pro-Iranian group. It’s very large in Lebanon. In Lebanon, it’s a mass political organization with people in the Parliament that can contest presidential elections, it’s very numerous. So, it would be very easy to infiltrate people into Hezbollah. To take your patsies, double agents, and so forth. To "sheepdip" them in Hezbollah, let them go worth with Hezbollah for a couple of years then bring them to South Carolina or North Carolina, or Tennessee, or any number of other places. And let them take part in such an action where something goes off.

There are different schools now. There is one school of thought that says this is something that is going to happen around September 11th for the 4th anniversary. Some source reports say it’s something that’s going to happen in a large city, New York, Washington, and the usual larger places.

There’s another school that says no, it’s going to be something more like Charleston, South Carolina, medium-sized, smaller-sized cities. Not simply urban America but something that hurts the more average sort of… related things. And the time frame…

SS: Webster, is this whole subject designed to distract from Bush’s problems with the Iraq War and all that? By more or less scaring the American public with this whole subject?

WT: I think it would certainly have that included purpose so…

LB: Yeah, we’ve got about 5 minutes… so let’s start wrapping up.

WT: Let me just tell you a couple of… a few more things that I have…

LB: Go ahead.

WT: …that are recent. One of them is quite remarkable. This is now… this is a completely unconfirmed report. Let me just scroll … whoops, wait a second This is going to take me a minute to scroll down to this, I did my scrolling wrong. It’s essentially an unconfirmed report from sources allegedly in the Homeland Security bureaucracy. And what they say is, "High officials of the Homeland Security Department allege that several large-scale terror attacks have been headed off and prevented in the Washington area recently. And this involves 2 or more tank trucks… tanker trucks filled with explosives found and disarmed on Route 66, without any publicity, all done secretly. Now this could be… this is anybody’s guess. This is... we are now in

LB: Yeah

WT: … [we are] in the area of the wild stuff where it simply comes in and you don’t have any idea what… what content it may have. Cause this can simply be hype that’s designed to terrify people or it can be that the patsies are actually at work. Route 66 of course, is the Interstate Highway that leaves, sort of, Washington DC, goes through Arlington, Virginia, and then goes out into northern Virginia, tending… tending a little bit southeast as it goes.

LB: Well, we’ve been talking about the "Guns of August" and I guess we’re coming to… it’s August 18th.

So we’re a little bit more than at… past the halfway mark. As you say, the Iranians… the Americans are going to have to give up the Airbase in southern Russia. [Uzbekistan] What… what’s happening there? What’s happening with that Airbase? How

WT: What…

LB: Is there about 2 months left now, what was it?

WT: …there’s 100. It’s Uzbekistan.

LB: Yeah

WT: It’s Uzbekistan and it’s a key Airbase. And it’s 180 days from approximately July 1st. So we’re only 1/10 of the way through that… through that. But what’s happening now is that, according to ´Rossiyskaya Gazeta´ in the… this is basically the Daily, it’s what ´Izvestiya´ used to be.

LB: Right

WT: It’s a daily of the Russian government. ´Rossiyskaya Gazeta,´ August 2nd, says that Russia is going to take over that U.S. base in Uzbekistan.

LB: Interesting.

WT: Then we have a statement from the President of Azerbaijan, Aliyev, who says, "there is no deal for Azerbaijan to give the U.S. a base to replace that Uzebek base. And he also says that Azerbaijan is not interested in joining in actions against Iran." I also… I sent you guys a copy of my improved map of the Bernard Lewis plan and maybe…

LB: I didn’t’ get it, Webster.

WT: No?

LB: No. Can you send it again? We have to wrap up but you’re going to be back next week and certainly we’ll continue to look at this. It is interesting, Sherman, what you bring up. That once again, it’s a fine line between reporting something that could be a drill. We know these mock drills can be cover stories. But yet on the other hand they also can become just a way of distracting attention, Sherman.

SS: The point is,

LB: Yeah

SS: Webster, you bring your repository of wisdom on to this program. And I guess it’s the reason why programs like this are becoming more popular. And the mass media is loosing the viewers and listeners right along Because they do not have people that are well informed like you, that they put on that air. And instead of talking down their nose to the public, which the mass media does, we put up intelligent discussion. And we’re truly honored that you come, have come again and again on this program to share you wisdom with the public so they really understand what the heck is going on.

WT: Thank you, Sherman. Let me make 2... 2 final quick points in closing.

LB: Go ahead.

WT: The first is the Cheney-iacs went to U.S. CENT-COM, Central Command, and said, "what can you do against Iran?" And according to sources, they said, "we can’t do anything, we’re tied down in Iraq." They he went to the Special Operations Command, SO-COM, said, "what can you do"? They said, "well we can have Special Forces operations in Iran but we cannot even guarantee that we will wipe out the Iranian Nuclear program much less anything more ambitious." They then went to STRAT-COM and STRAT-COM said, "of course, we can carry out the nuclear bombing of Iran." The other thing that they want to do in connection with this… is essentially nuclear-plus limited Special Forces. Plus, and this would be the Bernard Lewis angle, which we can get to next week.

They are inciting an area called Arabistan (Farsistan?) or Ahvaz(?), which is the whole Persian Gulf Coast including the Kharg Island tanker terminal. Plus they’re inciting the Azayas in northwestern Iran. They’re inciting the Baloochis in eastern Iran. And the… let’s see, there’s one other ethnic group that they’re getting into, the Turkmen, in north, northeastern Iran. So that’s one side of it.

The other thing is let me repeat my appeal. Look at the websites. Look at the NORAD, the NORTH-COM, the SOUTH-COM, the US-UCOM. Look at every Pentagon website. Look at NATO intelligence websites, Look at FEMA, look at Homeland Security. Look at the analogs to all of those in the countries where you live, if you have foreign language capability other than English.

LB: And send it… and send in the links here

WT: Exactly

LB: And send in the links to us here at [email protected] and we’ll put it up in the Special Section that Webster’s opened up with us at Cloak & Dagger dot d-e. And we’ve got all the different Terror Drills and Mock Drills that are being run. Sorry, go ahead, Webster, and we’ll wrap up here.

WT: The idea is to simply to look ahead to this stuff and to try to catch it this time so as not to be looking at the backside of the accomplished fact. And… but let’s try to catch it, denounce it, expose it, blow it… before it happens. This is now what activism comes down to. We had the Cindy Sheehan Candlelight vigils last night and it was…

LB: We’ve got to go, Webster.

WT: … low-level content but it shows that Bush is loosing the middle class. So if he’s loosing the middle class, maybe there’s some hope after all.
12/08/2005 10:08 AM
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Re: War Threats Iran - Nukes - BlackOps "Drills" - Military Coup vs Bush NWO Puppet Neocons
how about an audio recording
Anonymous Coward
12/08/2005 10:08 AM
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Re: War Threats Iran - Nukes - BlackOps "Drills" - Military Coup vs Bush NWO Puppet Neocons
Thanks for the transcript.

Check out some of the material on Vallely posted at:

[link to www.larouchepub.com]

From: "Cheney´s `Spoon-Benders´
Pushing Nuclear Armageddon"
by Jeffrey Steinberg
"Sometime in late 1980, then-Col. Paul E. Vallely, the Commander of the 7th Psychological Operations Group, United States Army Reserve, Presidio of San Francisco, Ca., co-authored a discussion paper, which received wide and controversial attention within the U.S. military, particularly within the Special Operations community. The paper was titled "From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory," and it presented a Nietzschean scheme for waging perpetual psychological warfare against friend and enemy populations alike, and even against the American people."

For complete article:

[link to www.larouchepub.com]