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Subject PORTALS 101: "rules" for engagement
Poster Handle S.A.M.
Post Content

I am starting this thread to share what I know about portals as talked about on the Gaia Man thread. Specifically what they are attuned to in regards to us people living on the Earth.

I am not, as of yet, all-knowing nor do I claim to know for certain any future events. I will do my level best to answer any questions honestly without compromising the integrity of the "design".

I would like to do this in a question and answer format because there is much info that can go in many directions at once.

My intention is to share information that may support the cause of the liberation of humanity and that is all.

I will return in approximately 6 hours to answer any questions posted.


ps. I will have roughly 4-5 days in which to hang out before I hit the road.
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