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Message Subject PORTALS 101: "rules" for engagement
Poster Handle S.A.M.
Post Content
What are the hazards of using said portals?

There is , to my knowledge, nothing to fear from the portals. They are just part of the unfolding and evolution of our consciousness into a more universal awarness. They are the highways we are destined to travel.

Who guards these gates?

They are self contained selectively permeable systems. They only support frequencies that are heart based and emminating love.

What must I know to access the bridge?

Thank you for this question.
You must know how to surrender to divine will. You must know what you have the power to change and especially what you cannot. You must know that there is only one race of humanity...the human race. You must know that faith courage and love are far more precious commodities than guns gold and oil.

You must know how to let go of what is unrepairable and unsustainable in order to move on to something new. You must be willing to fly free and trust.
You must remember that you already know these things....you are precious.

Must I travel physically to a portal to use it?


Can more than one individual use the same gate at one time and how?

Yes. As I am not the designer of this system I can only speculate without absolute certainty about how, but I know that it is a function of us being one consciouness. Seperation is the chief illusion of our current reality.... creating the conflict of duality.

How can I protect the gate?

By being harmless to your fellow man and working toward compassion for those you consider enimies.

How do I identify this gate?

It will recognize you and your willingness. It will be obvious when the time is at hand. The place to indentify and protect is within you my friend. Let nothing divide and distract you.

May I program a portal to my liking?

Not in so many words. How you program yourself will determine the outcome. That is what you can control. Trust your higher self.

Are they only one way? What if you want to get back or go somewhere else?

No they are not but from what I know the ego will not be making those decisions directly. The ego must decide if it will go willingly to where the spirit/God/the force sees fit to take it. The egos desire for control is what fuels the conflicts in our current reality. We must learn to distiguish between what we want and what we truly need. If you need to get "back" then you will do so.

Are there guides we must use when using these portals?

When the time is at hand guides will be plentiful, but this is a natural thing. Just like when we came into the world we know how to do this on our soul level.

Can these portals be used more than once by the same person?

Yes, because they do not exist on just one dimension alone. They are the links between.

Is there anything that cannot pass or be taken through the portals?

Anything that would seek to seperate itself from the Source/God/spirit ..the whole of consciousness. This is the key to getting free......never forgetting the source and our connection to all life. Those who have forgotten... lust for power and control. This is what we are leaving behind ...our heedlessness.

What is exactly the purpose of a portal and who is permitted to use one?

The purpose of the portal is to be an onramp to the "galactic/universal/cosmic" freeway with which we may travel and explore the universe as our hearts desire. Those who give themselves permission to be free in the spirit of love and universal abundance are the ones travelling this super highway. They are protected by it and their intent sustains the system.

Is there one in AZ, when will it be opening and what does it open to?

Physical location, time and dates are not relevant .

Soon. Walk softly with an attitude of grattitude. Let go of the battles of this world. Connect with the Earth and breathe. The portals open to our future and they will help us remember our origins.

Who created the portals?

This is only a guess but I would say the same who/what that created the sky.

Thanks all for the chance to have this dialogue.
Be well ...Aloha
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