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Message Subject PORTALS 101: "rules" for engagement
Poster Handle SAM
Post Content
Aloha and good morning,

Are there forces trying to interfere with the knowledge of the portals? Can negativity cause the portals to be delayed?

This is a tricky area.

There has definitely been a conscious effort made by various groups to suppress any knowledge that would lead the general population of the planet to freedom.
Free travel, free thought and expression, free energy etc. etc. This suppression is fear based and bent on controlling mass attention for a desired outcome. Collective human attention coupled with intention is a very powerful tool. Think of how science has learned that the observation of an experiment affects the outcome of the experiment. Then think of 6 billion observers all participating in the grand "experiment " of life. Throw in free will, fear of the unknown and desires for specific outcomes and you have what I consider a volatile solution.

To my knowledge the suppression is more a by- product of fear and forgetting than an evil intention to wreck the system.( that is not to say evil doesn´t exist) Because the oppressors are functioning from such a dense vibration any knowledge or access to the portals is extremely limited.From what I know there has been more effort put into creating artificial portals than trying to control the natural ones (not possible to control). This has been very harmful and compounded the fear .

But any effort to create a general fear of the unknown can interfere with knowledge and use of the portals. That is one of the main reasons I want to share what I ´ve learned .

As far as "delaying" the portals and negativity....

I like the analogy of boiling water. If we say that the "activation" or opening of the portals is akin to when water begins to boil we can understand that that moment is conditional to different stresses. Fear and negativity will impede an individuals access but eventually the water will boil and one fear will out weigh the other. Hopefully it will be obvious which way to go, in which case the oppressors and their oppression become a positive in the final phases.

As far as I know humanity will be given as much time as possible to let go of what is not serving us. Even the most "wicked" person can move on up if they "get it" in time.

That was a bit long winded I hope it answered your question.
Have you heard of portals in Sedona?

I have heard of the vorticies in Sedona and have personally done a lot of work in the Bell Rock and Cathederal areas. I also know several others who have done much in the area as well as the military.
I cannot speak to specific portals however. Their locations are irrelevant. It is all a function of vibration.
Sedona(the vortexes) is an area that can greatly help raise an individuals vibration thereby making it a very valuable place to journey. The Southwest (four corners) in general is good for that. But it can be developed anywhere with the appropriate intention and desire.
Do you have to die first to go through a portal or can you go through it alive?

Ideally you go through alive but you have the best chance if you first "die" from the man made world. The world of fear, control and avoidance of natural laws. This is a symbolic death I am speaking of. That within you that craves conflict, control, or functions from a centre of fear must be allowed to die out like an unwanted fire.
Is going through the portal the same as the rapture?

I had never heard of the rapture until I began playing on the internet. From what I have understood about it in general I would say the acutal journey is the same event but not the requirements. By this I mean the portals are not restricted to a linear minded system of rules like a religious ideaology or philosophy etc. It is not an "us and them" situation. This is the tricky part of religion/politics/nationalism and all the "isms" and "ics" in general. Religions will really help certain people grasp the greater understanding but is by no means a requirement.
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