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Message Subject PORTALS 101: "rules" for engagement
Poster Handle SAM
Post Content
Do you have to tip them?

No you do not but a sense of humor in these days especially is a valuable commodity and I thank you for sharing your wit.

How do you know so much about them?

That is a long story and personal...but I suppose it would be best to say that Iīve never not known about them but only forgotten them. I know Iīve stated above somewhere that I have yet to enter one and by that I mean I donīt have that specific memory available.

I have been working actively in this field for the better part of two decades and have only been shown in the last 18 months the real substance of what the work has been about. I have always had a desire to talk about and share info but not always for the "right" reasons.

When I saw the Gaia Man thread...what he is sharing and how he is doing it ,something clicked for me.

I donīt claim to know all of the details ..just that my process of letting go and trusting has led me to understanding what my work has been about and that process of letting go is the crux part of the climb for us all when talking about the portals and moving to higher states of consciousness.

I canīt prove to you they exist nor that what I share is true. I have no desire for that. It is merely my testimony and I feel compelled to share it in the hopes it triggers another the way I have been triggered..... I am networking.

I totally understand your question and respect your discernment process.

I grew up in darkness and violence. My desire for truth led me to the understanding I now reside in. The light revealed itself to me in a way specific to my evolution. I honor and support your right to that same personal process and your right to decide for yourself.

Good luck
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