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Message Subject PORTALS 101: "rules" for engagement
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
>>>>I have been working actively in this field for the better part of two decades and have only been shown in the last 18 months the real substance of what the work has been about.<<<

Can you expand on why in the last 18 months have you seen the real substance of what the work has been about?

What has it been about? Why do you think only recently you have been able to "see" this?

I understand that all of humanity has a large part to play in opening the portals but when you say soon would you be able to say if it is this year 2005?

You might have already answered this but will I be able to pass through with my family. Specifically my Child who is 2 yrs. old and I know it is a free will decision but will my child understand? I am not trying to underestimate childrens abilities for I think they are more intune than most adults but I am wondering what your take is on this?

Thank you for sharing SAM. I am glad you decided to do so.

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