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Message Subject PORTALS 101: "rules" for engagement
Poster Handle SAM
Post Content
Can you expand on why in the last 18 months you have seen the real substance of what the work has been about?

Yes, Iīll give it a whirl and thank you for the kind vibe.

Initially for me the path was a physical journey where I was constantly searching and experimenting. Since 1987 I have traveled all over the world never staying in one place longer than 8 months until the this past year. I think for a lot of that time I was running from what was to be my responsibility or work. I did not believe in the divine... I loved the Earth and ignored most people in general.

In the last 10 years I began to slowly accept that something much larger and infinitely more intelligent was pulling the strings. My ego was often "tricked" into going somewhere for one reason only to find my expectations unmet and the real reason revealed. Each time this happened I would trust that much more.

All this time I felt that it was up to us people to protect the planet and to change the world through the system (government/religion) mankind had created. I considered "divine" options but didnīt fully believe in them. I wanted to fight and win. Justice.

Ultimately, the futility of my personal battle exerted itīs full weight upon me reaching itīs apex last winter solstice and I surrendered. My desire shifted from wanting to fix it to wanting only to be free of it and start fresh. Rather than evict the oppressors and repair the damage.. ...start over and lock oppression out of the equation. This acceptance made me "safer" for the design and henceforth I had questions and more was revealed.

What has the work been about?

In a nutshell... creating a record of how the oppresion manifests and " writing" a program for a firewall protecting against it. This is done with sound... specifically overtone harmonics and the human body.The body records the record and the voice writes the program. It is done all over the world by many people who would have different ways of describing it....this is my way.

There is more to it but it feels to me right now that a very general view is most appropriate.

Why do you think only recently you have been able to see this?

Honestly...because we are close now. I see/feel it like a mountain summit through the trees. After many false summits the end/beginning is in sight and itīs time to get everything tightened up and on line.

When you say soon would you be able to say if it is this year 2005?

The reason I say soon is because it is soon but there is no way of knowing exactly when. (think water boiling on an open fire) I care deeply about people now it doesnīt matter who they are and I wish for them to be prepared.
With the newfound depth of my acceptance I have been questioning less and more focused on getting my own house in order. I am doing my best to be in the now and also keeping a sense of humor. For me personally I feel this fall something imminent but I try not to equate that to the rest of the world.
So, no I am not able to say if it is this year for certain.

And about your child....everything I have learned about advancing has to do with being childlike... curious, trusting, loving and adventurous etc. From what I comprehend this experience is like birth. Children, most likely, will lead the way.

I realize these answers arenīt incredibly specific but I hope they help.
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