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Message Subject Consciousness Level Testing/Raising, Energy Healing, and Beyond.
Poster Handle *Dawn*
Post Content
I would like a reading please. Additional information is appreciated. I'd love it if you could tell me things I don't know about myself. :)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1362388


Good Morning AC 1362388:

I am *Dawn* a novice at muscle testing. May I step in to practice my skills. I am hoping for a certain percentage of accuracy, but I am willing to fall flat on my face in a public forum.

Here goes:

I got that you are a male, 24ish.

I tested you on Dr. Bradley Nelson's The Emotion Code. I stopped at two blocked emotions. They were the first two that identified themselves:

1. A blocked emotion presented itself as ABANDONMENT. Received at conception from father. I performed a remote healing released said emotion.

2. Another blocked emotion presented itself as ANGER. Received at 7 years old. Remote testing indicated there was something more I needed to know. Thoughts that came to me were: "Christopher, apple, spaghetti, punch." Further my left ear started buzzing. The remote healing released said emotion.

I tested your level of consciousness to be 497.

Again, I am a novice, and am experimenting here with you because it was requested. I do hope some of this resonates with you.....grouphug

I look forward to your and Calin's report card tomorrow!!!

P.S. If you want to learn how to do this on your own, just look at Calin's videos posted on page one.band
 Quoting: *Dawn*

I am very impressed you got my age and gender. Thank you for your time and effort for interacting with me. I would like to know what exactly a "blocked emotion" is, though.

For abandonment, I can only recall one instance in my entire life when I felt abandoned and that is probably when I was around 7 which you indicated anger is coming from? It happened when I was at school, some woman was dressed exactly as my mother and she was coincidentally walking in the direction we live from school. I remember trying to ask her something several times and eventually she turned around and when I saw it wasn't mom I ran home in fear and hid under my bed. Mom came home later on but I remember I was very scared. Unless you are talking about my father feeling abandoned? I wouldn't know anything about that.

As far as anger, my parents are close to hitting rock bottom and are both emotionally and rationally out of control. I'm pressured like hell to find work or go to school. However, the more I'm pressured to do something I don't want to the more determined I am to resist and carry out my duty of helping them advance over their faults even if it kills me. I am prepared for anything to provide the opportunity my parents need to self induce the most powerful force in the entire universe, and that is a self review paired with self change. In my parents particular situation this can only happen when they feel there is nothing left to lose. While I will not sabotage, I will exercise my actions limited by respect.

The timing on this is perilous and I am ready and willing to make any level of self sacrifice to make it happen. I will not however compromise my beliefs and do things I feel are unnecessary. If I am cast out, disowned, labeled as an enemy, or what have you, it will always be worth it knowing I helped someone take a step in a direction that ultimately helps them become a better individual.

In the face of complete and utter annihilation I will never flinch or deviate from my path as long as I see it as just. I'd embrace that moment if it is able to provide that opportunity to anyone. Otherwise any level of intimidation to make me bend in ways I refuse to will be fruitless.

Whatever emotions you are picking up I'm not sure they are going to be entirely accurate. I have control over myself and I am able to choose how I feel. Each emotion I pick usually has utility to it. Knowing that I can fluctuate wildly.

With having said all of that A disturbing amount of people have themselves trapped in a self destructive self imposed matrix. I choose to be the counter to that matrix. Though anything can happen at any moment I am prepared to deal with the changes respectfully and rationally regardless.

I hope this helps. Would love to collaborate with you more. Can't wait for your reply. Anyone who can do readings I would enjoy hearing anything I know or already or don't know. Thank you. :)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1362388


Hello A.C. 1362388peace

Thanks for the feedback!!! Just to clarify, I personally didn’t ‘sense’ any emotions from you. The two emotions were chosen from the “Collective Unconscious.“ I assume your higher powers knew which two were most important for you at this time!! I obtain permission before I facilitated any changes.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code, believes that “trapped emotions” are responsible for 90% of our problems. Emotions can really add color to our lives but sometimes an emotion can become trapped somewhere in our body and manifest. I’ve been releasing some of my trapped emotions this month (slowly, a little at a time), and discovered that many of mine were inherited at conception, going back multi-generations. That really gave me the opportunity to have empathy for my parents who had inherited trapped emotions. I’m 50 now, and am finally forgiving their and my “inadequacies.”

You seem very-strong willed. I am worried that you may be exerting more ‘force’ than ‘power.’ Consider finding Dr. David Hawkins’ book Force vs. Power, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior. Dr. Hawkins discuses concepts such as there being is a “critical point at which the smallest input will result in the greatest change.”

Your words show a warrior, but who are you fighting? Consider releasing weaker attractor patterns and using strong “attractor patterns” and see what comes back at you. Before I leave Dr. Hawkins, let me just also share with you that he believes we live in a “holographic universe”--each point of view reflecting a position that is defined by the viewer’s unique level of consciousness. That is WHY we mustn’t get frustrated at other’s opinions and viewpoints. That is the window of which they are looking, not you. They may not be ready to get to your window.

I would also like to point you in the direction of Ho‘oponopono [link to en.wikipedia.org] which is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. Dr. Hew Lin believes we are 100% responsible for our own lives and peace begins with me/you. Dr. Lin states we live in one of two places: 1) inspiration or 2) data/memories (which replay over and over and over again). When an unpleasant person/circumstances happens, simply repent (I am sorry); forgive (thank you for giving me this one LAST chance to experience this through you); and transmute (bah bye). They claim he cleaned out an insane asylum simply using this technique while working there. Calin has Dr. Lin’s U-Tube video posted.

Remember to attend to your needs first and then to others. Eventually, everyone will benefit from you. How could they not? We are All Connected.

I didn’t pull any rabbits out of a hat for you, nor will I. I simply send peace and love to you and your family. Best of luck to you. This truly is a wonderful time to be alive. I’ve read that we won’t get another opportunity for such rapid spiritual growth for a long time. Nothing changes faster than thought!!--Dawn.hf
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