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Message Subject Consciousness Level Testing/Raising, Energy Healing, and Beyond.
Poster Handle *Dawn*
Post Content
Dawn Dawn Dawn!!! I had no idea you were getting into any of the energy healing modalities I had posted! Cool!

I will watch this wonderful thing unfold!

I do have a question though. What method did you use to clear the blockages that you found using TEC?

If I may suggest one thing. Even if you cleared the identified emotion another way, I would have AC 388 run a magnet from his nose up and over his head and down the back spine for as far as he can reach while keeping the blockage identified in mind. 3 times. That is part of the protocol for TEC. Couldn't hurt right?

 Quoting: calin

Calin, Hugs, Calin,
I try to watch everything, but I am a little behind right now.

When you posted Dr. Nelson's techniques, I stayed up until 3:30 in the morning.
I read and reread Dr. Hawkins' book.
I love the Psych K techniques.

I do not use a magnet. I use my trustly crystal that I've had forever. It has even been up against the skull of Max The Crystal Skull when It was in Nevada City.

Yes, I roll the crystal from the nose, along the skull, to the base of the neck (which is about all I can reach). I go 3x for this life; 10x for conception, and I visualize the person in all their glory. I usually tickle them when I'm done (usually tickle their feet like they are a baby) and that makes me laugh.

I'm off to bed. Very tiring day. Night Night.
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