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Message Subject Consciousness Level Testing/Raising, Energy Healing, and Beyond.
Poster Handle Re-Named- 777
Post Content

Grrrr, well im not really sure what im doing to be honest.

I felt it was the right thing to do to put my house up for sale, because i honesty thought we would sell, and be gone by july.
So far soo good, because it did sell within 5 weeks and we will be out by july.
The person who came to view it, i knew she would buy it, and she did.
I have seen where i go to, i can see the door and stairs but no more.

Whats bothering me is, the estate agents told me to accept a low offer. I admit i have loads of debt, and if i sell il come out with about £27,000, which is all good because i can rent somewhere and invest the money.

I told the estate agents i would think about the offer, and they sort of ignored me, and put the sold sign up. Whats bothering me is, should i have waited for a better offer, or not?

Ive tried to do readings on whether will find somewhere to rent in the area i want to go to, but im not getting good answers, which is causing me to doubt it.

Guess it will all turn out ok, im just in worry mode, lol.

Thanks for listening, its done me good to unload it all. and yes any thoughts would be appreciated hfhf
 Quoting: Re-Named- 777

Good to hear from you!

When I look at your name I feel better than the original name. Nice!

I'll do a QE session for you tonight to help with your highest good.

We have been kicking atrond the idea that the LOC can fluctuate lateley. I see yours has - could be the quandry you are in now. You were perhaps in a better state weeks ago. My LOC is lowers than what Adonai was getting the other two times. Let's see if it will raise back up after QE.

So, just allow and let go when you go to sleep tonight. Allow the universe to work things out for you for the best. I will try to remember to retest you again - or you can bug me. I hope Dawn sees your offering and posts her results.

Be well Re named 777. You are loved more than you could ever know!!!
 Quoting: calin

Thank you for saying im loved, there as never been a lot of love in my life, regardless of how much i prayed for it.

Your post made me cry, god bless you hf
 Quoting: Re-Named- 777


Good Morning Re-Named 777 (who I called "Sheila" in my mind).

I got some inconsistencies from you today. Hopefully tomorrow I will be refreshed.

No worries. You are appreciated and loved---Dawn.

dogpile smile_hear dogpile
 Quoting: *Dawn*

Good morning to you Dawn, thats not bad saying your "unrefreshed", my names Andrea xx hf
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