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Message Subject Consciousness Level Testing/Raising, Energy Healing, and Beyond.
Poster Handle calin
Post Content
"If you try to get rid of fear and anger without knowing their meaning, they will grow stronger and return."
Deepak Chopra (The Third Jesus: The Christ We Cannot Ignore)

"The worst curse to befall anyone is stagnation, a banal existence, the quiet desperation that comes out of a need for conformity. "
Deepak Chopra (The Return of Merlin)

"Love doesn't need reason. It speaks from the irrational wisdom of the heart."
Deepak Chopra

"people are doing the best that they can from their own level of consciousness."
Deepak Chopra

"The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself."
Deepak Chopra (The Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want)

"Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future"
Deepak Chopra
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