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Message Subject Consciousness Level Testing/Raising, Energy Healing, and Beyond.
Poster Handle *Dawn*
Post Content

Good to hear from you!

When I look at your name I feel better than the original name. Nice!

I'll do a QE session for you tonight to help with your highest good.

We have been kicking atrond the idea that the LOC can fluctuate lateley. I see yours has - could be the quandry you are in now. You were perhaps in a better state weeks ago. My LOC is lowers than what Adonai was getting the other two times. Let's see if it will raise back up after QE.

So, just allow and let go when you go to sleep tonight. Allow the universe to work things out for you for the best. I will try to remember to retest you again - or you can bug me. I hope Dawn sees your offering and posts her results.

Be well Re named 777. You are loved more than you could ever know!!!
 Quoting: calin

Thank you for saying im loved, there as never been a lot of love in my life, regardless of how much i prayed for it.

Your post made me cry, god bless you hf
 Quoting: Re-Named- 777


Good Morning Re-Named 777 (who I called "Sheila" in my mind).

I got some inconsistencies from you today. Hopefully tomorrow I will be refreshed.

No worries. You are appreciated and loved---Dawn.

dogpile smile_hear dogpile
 Quoting: *Dawn*

Good morning to you Dawn, thats not bad saying your "unrefreshed", my names Andrea xx hf
 Quoting: Re-Named- 777


hfAll my notes are prefaced with the notation that I am a beginner--a novice at muscle testing. I have retested my results, so I feel comfortable in sharing.

Intention for Renamed 777 aka Andrea aka Shayla:

I don’t hear voices in my head, but today, when I thought of you, I heard an Australian man refer to you as “Shayla”--not Sheila. He seems like a nice guy. He’s yours.

Some of your posts indicate that you are selling your home and have concerns about that process. I began looking at some affirmations concerning “prosperity” from Ms. Sheila Wright, Psych K, changeyourbeliefschangeyourlife.com.


The following statements from Ms. Wright’s website tested weak for you:

“It is okay for me to make mistakes with money.” Muscle testing revealed this stuck energy occurred at age 7. It has been released.

“I am calm and confident when I have money. “ Muscle testing revealed this came in at conception, from mother’s life-time. Released.

“I deserve to have all the money I need.” Muscle testing revealed this came in at conception from mother, going back perhaps three generations.

Muscle testing shows not to trust your realtor 100%. You plans will proceed on schedule.

Muscle testing shows You and your Guides are 100% pure light.

Muscle testing shows your family will perhaps be instrumental in locating a new place to live.

Using Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code Chart, I asked for three emotions to unblock:

Anxiety, from age 19, released;

Insecurity, age 19, released; and

Depression, age 19, released. There was nothing more I needed to know about these before they were released. Please see Calin’s videos to learn how to release more if you want to learn.

I visualized a beautiful energy field around you, minus the bulges from the released blocked energies.

I think that in terms of love, you are looking for the Forest through the Trees. You are Love. You need not look any further.

During a short meditation I saw YOU doing the following:

Being in the Lotus position with love and power radiating;
Being in front of an easel;
Crying with joy at a sunset;
Laughing in a coffee shop;
Helping a child carefully cross the street;
Being on a bridge or walk-way laughing, throwing up your arms. (Reminds me of Mary Tyler Moore throwing her hat in the air!)

Shayla Girl, that’s all I have. I wish you the best in all your future endeavors. Peace and love, peace and love.--Dawn.
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