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Message Subject Consciousness Level Testing/Raising, Energy Healing, and Beyond.
Poster Handle calin
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Fear Ė The Root of Violence

Some say that there are only two things in the world: God and Fear. Love and Fear are the only two things. Thereís only one evil in the world, Fear. Thereís only one good in the world, Love. Itís sometimes called by other names. Itís sometimes called happiness or freedom or peace or joy or God or whatever. But the label doesnít really matter. And thereís not a single evil in the world that you cannot trace to fear. Not one.

Ignorance and fear, ignorance caused by fear, thatís where all the evil comes from, thatís where your violence comes from. The person who is truly nonviolent, who is incapable of violence, is the person who is fearless. Itís only when youíre afraid that you become angry. Think of the last time you were angry. Go ahead. Think of the last time you were angry and search for the fear behind it.

What were you afraid of losing? What were you afraid would be taken from you? Thatís where the anger comes from. Think of an angry person, maybe someone youíre afraid of. Can you see how frightened he or she is? Heís really frightened, he really is. Sheís really frightened or she wouldnít be angry. Ultimately, there are only two things, love and fear.

In this retreat Iíd rather leave it like this, unstructured and moving from one thing to another and returning to themes again and again, because thatís the way to really grasp what Iím saying. If it doesnít hit you the first time, it might the second time, and what doesnít hit one person might hit another. Iíve got different themes, but they are all about the same thing. Call it awareness, call it love, call it spirituality or freedom or awakening or whatever. It really is the same thing.

By: Anthony de Mello
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