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Message Subject Consciousness Level Testing/Raising, Energy Healing, and Beyond.
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The Chakras and their Purpose

Posted on March 16th, 2010

There are seven major chakras in the body that correspond to the seven layers of the aura. Understanding the chakras and their purpose will help you to own your energy system, access your highest information, and create the life you want.

The chakras are energy centers that spin like a wheel or fan, passing energy from channels in the front of the body through and out the back of the body. They are an important part of our whole system as they support the flow of energy throughout our physical body. Within each chakra we carry information about how to survive, process emotions, use our energy, own our power, love ourselves and others, speak our truth, see clearly, and access our wisdom. If we fully own our chakras we have our highest truth available to us. If we donít, we may carry otherís information, beliefs or programming in our space.

Because most of us have not been raised to be aware of our chakras or to access our own truth, many of us have other peopleís messages and beliefs in our chakras. We may have our parentís information about money and survival in our first chakra, or cultural beliefs about repressing emotions in our second chakra, or societal conditioning about speaking our truth in our fifth chakra. Having foreign energy in any part of our body or energy system can slow us down, create discomfort and lead to illness.

As we come to understand the chakras, and own and clear them, we fill with our own energy and information which frees us to live from a place of empowerment instead of fear, guilt or doubt.

A Summary of the Chakras and Their Purpose

First or Root Chakra
This is near the base of the spine between the ovaries in a female body and lower near the prostate in a male body. The color red is associated with it and it governs security and survival in a body. People who donít fully own this chakra may have issues with safety, security, scarcity or worry. They may have discomfort in the lower intestines, or colon. When this chakra is clear and fully owned, people feel safe, secure and trust in the abundance of life. For more information, read Clear the Root Chakra to Heal Money and Survival Issues.

Second or Sacral Chakra
This is located about an inch below the belly button and the color orange is associated with it. It governs emotions, sexuality and clear sentience (sensing what is going on and knowing others emotions and problems by feeling them). Not owning this chakra can lead to shutting down or over activating sexual energy, taking on otherís problems and emotions, needing to control self or others. When the second or sacral chakra is clear and owned a person is able to feel and process their own emotions and not take on othersí, have their sexual energy flowing, and be in touch with their passion.

Third Chakra
This is in the solar plexus area of the body. The color yellow is associated with it and it governs how a person distributes and uses their energy and owns their power. If not fully owned, a person may feel small, fearful, or need approval. They may have low energy and stomach problems. When cleared, energy flows smoothly and fully through the body and into whatever projects or passions a person has. People feel more self-assured and have higher self-esteem as they take ownership of the third chakra.

Fourth or Heart Chakra
This is located in the center of the chest and is associated with the color green. It governs love - self-affinity as well as love for others, projects and passions. If it is blocked a person may have difficulty receiving or giving love. They may hold resentments or wounds in their heart. When clear and flowing, a high vibration of love flows through for the person to access and share with others. For more information, read Open Your Heart Chakra and Fill with Love.

Fifth or Throat Chakra
This is at the base of the throat and is associated with the color blue. It governs all forms of communication - spirit to body, telepathic, communicating with others, and expressing creativity. Blocked by foreign energy, it may be difficult for a person to speak their truth, communicate clearly and cleanly, or be honest with one self. When fully owned, a person can speak honestly, access their own spiritual guidance, and communicate openly with others. For more information, read Own the Throat Chakra for Clear Communication.

Sixth Chakra or Third Eye
This is located slightly above the eyebrows in the center of the forehead. The color indigo is associated with it and it governs clairvoyance; the ability to see clearly and tell a truth from a lie. When it is not owned a person may have difficulty seeing whatís real and true and they may be blinded by judgments. They may not be able to read others clearly or see the energy dynamic in situations. When owned, a person sees life with a certain amount of neutrality and more clarity. They may take this a step further and use their clairvoyance to see past surface issues and view the subtle energy within each person and situation they encounter as a way of knowing what is really going on. For more information, read 6th Chakra and Clairvoyance - How to Read Energy and See Clearly.

Seventh or Crown Chakra
This is at the top of the head and is associated with the color violet. It relates to a persons information and higher knowing. Un-owned a person may be programmed with beliefs that are not true for them, or feel confused or experience a lack of faith. When fully owned, a person has access to their highest truth and information about everything in life. For more information, read Access Your Own Information Through Your 7th Chakra.

As you deepen your understanding of the chakras and their purpose, your ability to discern what is true and not true for you will increase. It will be easier to release other peopleís emotions, problems, judgments, ideas and beliefs and therefore know what is in your highest interest. From this place you will create the life you want with clarity and ease.

[link to www.ginigrey.com]
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