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Message Subject Consciousness Level Testing/Raising, Energy Healing, and Beyond.
Poster Handle calin
Post Content

Howdy again michelle!

I am getting 697. Does that seem about right for you?
 Quoting: calin

good things have been happening and I feel happy about it - far fewer worries than I remember from the past.

I will look up what 697 means...it seems pretty high to me. Is it normal for it to go up so far so fast?

Thanks again!!

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1471902

Well.... you even said yourself that you have been happy about things happening. And fewer worries!! Your consciousness level is reflecting that. That is a good thing!!

I don't know what you were before, so I can't answer that question. Do you recall?
 Quoting: calin

I tried to hunt up the first one but couldn't find it

it was someplace in the 300's I think.

So much has been happening, I asked for several re-calibrations

Each time it went higher. The last one was around 550.

Thanks for making this thread. There's so much positivity here for people!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1471902

Ah! I see. Well, you are on a roll! lol
Just viewing the things here should help anyone raise their consciousness level naturally.

I am so pleased for you.

much love.....
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