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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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"US Government has had access to fallout readings all along"

Duuuuh. Ya THINK?? Anyone here shocked by this revelation?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1292574

OP and all the other doomtards who find this to be BREAKING or whatever the hell they want to call a thread like this. if they find this surprising, it just adds more to my theory that common sense does not exist here for the majority of GLP.
 Quoting: Rager

I knew it all along, however I felt that the information Dutch supplied was relevant and gave some proof to the knowledge.

Everyone on GLP is always saying.. Proof.. Links.. bla ..

So even though yes we all knew it, I had not seen any links so far showing it.

Its only part of the reason I posted it. The other part was to voice my concern and disappointment in how the citizens of the usa are dealing with this.

I grew up loving america and its patriotism, I grew up thinking that if the shit ever hit the fan the Americans would kick ass and start the new revolution that saves our ass. I grew up believing the hype you all spouted about being the best country in the world..

Over the last few years I have been bitterly disappointed to realise that it was all lies and propaganda.. and this new situation has sealed the deal...

The Day of The Mighty US of A is drawing to a close ... and its bloody sad..
 Quoting: Enchanted Wanderer

I don't know about anyone else but I believe that what is coming will trump anything in this physical realm that we believe we will be, or that we are dealing with now, in full

And I believe that it will happen soon. I don't think that radiation or any of these slow kill methods they are working on in our behalf will have the time to come to fruition to that degree. Something much bigger and more significant is rapidly approaching and we can all feel this is indescribable ways, at least I can.

I have faith in my instinct and intuition, it hasn't failed me yet. If I was on fire then yes, I would be headed for the nearest creek, but I'm not. I truly believe I will be better prepared for what is yet to come if I remain right here on my own stomping ground than I will be if I head off into the night with a bug out bag and a tank of gasoline.

To each their own. If your head and heart are telling you otherwise then go for it, but don't expect everyone else to feel the way you do about things, or anything in particular anyway... we all have a different purpose in life and a far different role to play in what we are now well into, the end of days.

As for taking a shot at the evil doers there are far better ways to do so than stepping on the serpents tail.

We will all have our opportunity to stand against the abomination of desolation himself, personally, soon enough. Well, some of us will, no question. Where I come from it's common knowledge that if you mean business you bide your time and wait until you have a clean head shot, you don't just sling lead around wildly and hope you hit something vital in the process.

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