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Illuminati - Old World Order - A Pyramid Scheme

dollop of tennessee
User ID: 1300042
United States
04/17/2011 03:45 AM
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Illuminati - Old World Order - A Pyramid Scheme
The Illuminati is the Old World Order who wants to take WE THE PEOPLE back to the Fascist feudal serf system (their heyday) of yesteryear under the clever moniker title New World Order.

The Illuminati use proxy organizations to keep the figurative and literal heat off themselves.

These many proxy groups such as the U.N., Bilderberg, Skull & Bones, Black Nobility, etc... etc... and the people in them jockey against each other for more powerful positions and fiat wealth provided by the relatively small group of Illuminati at the top.

Betrayal, backstabbing, and blackballing are all attributes appreciated by the Illuminati (Queen of England, European Monarchy, Black Pope, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and more) just like satan their master.

No loyalty amongst thieves rings very true.