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Message Subject Anyone own a PS3 ?
Poster Handle Bane9907
Post Content
Here's a even better idea for you gamer'tards, read a BOOK or go outside into the real world. How can pixelised colors replace whats outside your front door? Humanity truly has lost the plot.
 Quoting: RUDDD

I dont know what you have outside your front door, but most of the games I play include things I will never do in RL.

Nope over priced and not as good as PC gaming, would get one if they were cheap enough and didn't have tiny hard drives.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1327732

By as good as PC gaming you mean upgrading your machine every year to keep up? Also the HD are upgradeable just like a pc. I have 160gb fatboy with 1500 songs or more, 43 movies and like I said earlier 40 games on the HD. Still have lots of room too.

300 bucks for a gaming system, and blu ray player ain't bad at all.
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