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DEBATE : Equilibrium,yin+yang=yinyang,1+1=1,good and evil = goodevil(god?the source of all creation)...is BALANCE a force,the greatest force?

Anonymous Coward
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04/20/2011 11:29 AM
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DEBATE : Equilibrium,yin+yang=yinyang,1+1=1,good and evil = goodevil(god?the source of all creation)...is BALANCE a force,the greatest force?
I would like to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions on this.Recently i had a really long and annoying conversation with someone about balance.He used all these physics equations to prove me it isn't a force.

Now,i'm not trying to discredit great physicists such as newton and others,not at all.I'm just trying to understand,how can there not be balance throughout the whole universe,if the universe is full of clues,that it is.I will get down to these clues shortly.

Now the reason i believe that balance is a force,not only a constant around us,is because of the following reason:

Let me get down to the root here.In the beginning,there was only one point of creation.Perhaps not in our universe(created by more than one entity?) BUT,the whole picture,the whole reality of existence,HAD to spawn from one point.

And also the reason i believe this is because of the religious scriptures around the globe,with different deities,but with the same general message.These scriptures are obviously manipulated and changed throughout the ages,but still contain a lot of truth in them if you have the eye to find it.

The simplest example:

1 cell=2 cells,2 cells=4 cells,4 cells=8 cells...

A fractal realization of the grand scheme,because god himself is the grand scheme.

God is the universe,all that you see.

No i'm not christian,nor atheist,nor religious.I just believe,that god(the creator of all things) must exist.And if not in the form of an entity,then in the form of EVERYTHING.

If all that surrounds us is consciousness,then the whole consciousness can be compared to that of a god.Smaller specks or containments of that consciousness can be compared to parts of god.

The main thing i'm trying to prove here,is that 1+1=1

Not in the sense of mathematics,but in the sense of reality.

Let's propose for a moment,that god created the universe.We know our universe well,duality in the form of polarity is everywhere.

Good versus evil,positive and negative,day and night,birth and death,up-s and down's,man and woman,good and bad.

Now often people wonder why these bad things happen to them and why god is so EVIL against them.

In my eye's,what these people don't realize is that GOD is the source of BOTH good AND evil.

So figuratively speaking,1+1=1. god=good+evil.

I hope i'm not making things too complicated,this is not math.I'm just using equations to try to prove my point,because i lack the skill in english language to succeed without.

This leads me to my next point.Duality doesn't exist.


Because all polarities have a middleman.


Left brain hemisphere+right brain hemisphere=1 BRAIN.

Without evil we would not understand the meaning of good and vice versa.


The cycles within our universe in their root form all contain 3 major components.

The beginning-the existence-the end.


so if god is (1) then (1) became (2)(the positive and the negative) and (2) became (3)(the positive,the negative and the neutral/balance/equilibrium that holds these 2 opposites together,that in it's broadest sense,to me,is what god is.)

God is balance,god is the missing link between all opposites,god is the force that hold's everything together.

GOD(1) the source
/ \
/ \
/ \
Positive(2) Negative(3)

Does the word TRINITY ring a bell anyone?

Duality exists in OUR sense,but one can't forget the point where duality originated from,so if you add the source to the duality you get the trinity.

And of course the fractal realization of the grand scheme is a multiplier,so positive(2) kept multiplying and negative(3) kept multiplying and to this day,the consciousness of GOD is constantly evolving and changing and multiplying itself.

Why is GOD balance? Because if you look at my very poorly designed scheme,you can see that GOD contained both positive and negative within himself.So in a sense,GOD(1) the source,already had the blueprints of trinity within himself.So god is TRINITY.Not to mention everything else that spawned from those 2 forces.So basically,GOD contained the whole future and reality within himself and all that he did was unpack it.

Our universe is like a HUGE program,that keeps evolving,multiplying,spreading,expanding,fulfilling and improving itself.

And the blueprint of GOD,his fractal signature,TRINITY,can be found all around us.


I just lack the word's to explain this in a normal way,but it has become my obsession.The more i study it,the harder it is for me to explain it.So the most logical way for me to explain it is through bringing examples.

Light versus dark.

Perhaps,darkness is the absence of god and the same can be said about evil.

What gives us life?

What is the closest thing to god that we can comprehend?


The sun.

Most religions are sun worship,jesus=sun of god.The christian cross is the cross of the zodiac on which the sun dies and resurrects each day just like jesus.

If god wouldn't have wanted people worshiping the sun,he wouldn't have put it in the center of our creation.

Without the sun there would be no air no water no food no grass no nothing on our planet on which to survive.

Let's look at the life cycles of stars.

Hydrogen clouds obtain a mass large enough to start reactions and a star is born.

And of course...no surprise that Hydrogen is the NUMBER 1 chemical element on the periodic table.It contains 1 proton(+) and 1 electron(-).

1 proton+1 electron=1 hydrogen atom.<----TRINITY?

We move up the periodic table and we get helium with 2 proton's 2 electron's and 2 neutron's.No more trinity over here.But the fractal multiplication of god's grand scheme or himself can be seen clearly over here.

Allright,so the glorious Hydrogen TRINITY atom fuses together with other glorious Hydrogen Trinity atom's and in the process of it,LIGHT is created along with the nr.2 atom on our periodic table...HELIUM.The bible says that god is light,remember? And without light,the force that hold's the glorious TRINITY HYDROGEN atom together,there would be no life.

Now i hope i'm starting to make some sense already.All the stars are born from hydrogen,they emit light(god) and in the process they also create the next level periodic elements and allow for life in our sense to evolve.So basically,suns are like huge furnaces of creation,but the root of all that creation is TRINITY.HYDROGEN...GOD.

Just like we do...our magnificent furnaces of creation eventually fade out and die.Only to blow out all the contained next level elements they fused together in their lifetime and spread them out trough out the universe to provide a better means of life for the next evolutionary cycle.

We should take example of the sun,to create,rather than destroy,although these 2 forces of creation and destruction go together hand in hand.

A star is born,it creates something outside of it(life) and it creates something inside of it(higher level elements)and after it dies,the life it created may perish,but the elements contained within will be released for the next cycle of life.

Divine programming.

The universal cycle of life.No question about it.Nothing lives,nothing dies,everything just IS.

One day we will all die,our atoms will become part of the earth and the universe,only to help the universe evolve and improve itself.

The universe is just FUCKING AMAZING.

And this concludes my simple presentation of BALANCE=EVERYTHING=GOD

All your opinions are belong to us,i hope there is at least 1 person around here that understands my perspective.

Xibalbá be  (OP)

User ID: 1349819
04/20/2011 12:53 PM
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Re: DEBATE : Equilibrium,yin+yang=yinyang,1+1=1,good and evil = goodevil(god?the source of all creation)...is BALANCE a force,the greatest force?
“The desire of power in excess caused the angels to fall; the desire of knowledge in excess caused man to fall.”
- Francis Bacon, Sr. quotes (English Lawyer and Philosopher. 1561-1626)

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Choose your destiny.

Sub-atomic <-> atomic sub
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08/14/2012 03:44 PM
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Re: DEBATE : Equilibrium,yin+yang=yinyang,1+1=1,good and evil = goodevil(god?the source of all creation)...is BALANCE a force,the greatest force?
I think the equation would more accurately be Yin=Yang.