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“In the Days of the Voice of the Seventh Angel”

Having established the identity of the Mighty Angel, we have come to understand that THE VISION of Revelation 10 is a vision of the Final Events which would take place at the closing of the Church Ages before the beginning of the 70th Week of Daniel, during which time God will deal with the jewish people.

Besides the revelation that the Mighty Angel is Christ, Who will come and claim His right to the Earth, we also know that the Seventh Angel is the last Church Age Messenger (Rev.10:7). This further proves that the vision relates to the 'last days' of the Church Ages.

We shall now take a look at the Seventh Angel of Revelation 10:7. Those who understand Malachi 4:5-6 would recognize that the 'Elijah' (a Prophet-Seer), who fulfilled the second half of that dual prophecy – “to turn the heart (faith) of the children (of God) to their (apostolic) fathers” – was also the Seventh Angel (Grk: Angelos – Messenger) to the Laodicean Church Age recorded in

Revelation 3:14. And the late William Marrion Branham has been identified as that Prophet-Seer and Star-Messenger of God.

However, there are some who have not come to grips with the fact that the Seventh Angel of Revelation 10:7 was also that same Prophet-Messenger. They are confused by the words “to sound” (in the said verse) which give the impression that the Seventh Angel is the Seventh Trumpeting Angel of Revelation 11:15 who is sounding his trumpet. (See also Rev.8:13.) Well, he is not. Though the verb “to sound” (Grk: salpizo – to trump) seems to refer to the sounding of a trumpet, the phrase “the VOICE of the Seventh Angel” clearly points to the UTTERANCE of the Seventh Messenger.

The word “voice” comes from the Greek word “phone”. It means “a sound, noise, voice that is uttered; an address, saying or language”. Simply, “the VOICE of the Seventh Angel” is the ADDRESS (or the SAYING) of the Seventh Church Age Messenger. The sounding of his message is likened to a trumpet which is being blown to call for an audience. (See example in Matthew 6:2.) The Seventh Trumpeting Angel has NO voice (Grk: phone), but only a trumpet (Grk: salpinx). The clear sound of a trumpet blast (Grk: salpizo) carries a distinct message (Grk: phone). [Note: Undoubtedly, there is a parallel in the Seventh Church Age Angel uttering his voice and the Seventh Trumpeting Angel blowing his trumpet. The former deals with the Church, while the latter deals with Israel. But, both also wind up an age to usher in the Reign of Christ.]
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