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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1350814
04/21/2011 04:42 AM
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I see it all around, the decline. What I don't see is people connection. Have you noticed family, friends and, coworkers have fallen quiet? Perhaps not calling as often, or no efforts to stop by? I'll smile and make eye contact and I see blank faces.I know that I have had the don't look at me and don't bother me mood.

Had the thought of suffocation. The air is heavy with chemicals since the global spraying went balls out in 2005 and hasn't stopped. 47% of people have jobs in the USA, reading, people out of work in many areas as long as three years. With some 42,000 companies that left and merged overseas into mega corporations swallowing up those businesses, many were forced to give up their business.

I think we are human shells and these power freaks believe its their right to torment and kill us, take our food, shelter, water. This is just insane. Calling us the enemy, the ones who created their debt and scams, lying to the world to go kill for profit.

I know up here in PNW the jobs, the fact people getting this message from the Govt. they will take care of it? While we sit in jobless cities, tight restrictions to start a business and the Govt is making laws against us having businesses such as growing foods, making our homemade goodies to go with that cup of coffee or juice.

We make and grow product. What the hell is wrong with us? Sitting, waiting. Oh, Better not get angry and have a few protests... Scared us. 10 years of scaring us into dumb down zombies. Watch that TV so they can brainwash even more and WE KNOW this is our country and we can support ourselves without them and their slave laws. God, enough is enough...

When the base collapses into the billions, wanting food, water and shelter... we will change this even if disasters bring us back together so we can get this monkey off our backs.
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loved it.
User ID: 1130662
04/28/2011 09:34 PM
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Given from current changes in politics, economy, astronomy, health, nature and more there alike, all points to the impression that global economy now goes into its final phase (or plan as it is for some) . This stage could very well establish the great brick ready for falling over us all, impacting humanity in multi-level ways. A rebirth.. After death..for all and ultimately everything.. where a few selected stand as watchers, safely guarding construction of the beginning of a new erA. If this is true, that would be the worst kind of truth there is for all mankind of slave-like lifes. Lets hope its just economy!
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See... People have been saying this FOREVER. Right after 9/11 people were saying this. Right after the Soviet Union Collapsed people were saying this. In the 60s, WWII, WWI, The French Revolution, ect, ect.