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Message Subject Can you handle the truth: Radioactive Fukushima Plutonium And Strontium Bombarding US West Coast Since March 18th
Poster Handle MothraFlies
Post Content
I think plutonium can only be in the air if the reactors melted down already before March 11.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1354504

WHY? The EPA says it is on the west coast now.

As for the previous poster about the West Coast should have been evac'd - I think it should be definitely considered. My only question is will the plutonium and strontium, the more dangerous isotopes deposit in the west (are they heavier) or will they continue to migrate across the U.S.? Additionally, if the people need evac'd, then all food coming out of there should be quarantined/destroyed.

At present, I feel for the Japanese people, then the West Coast of the U.S. but am wondering how bad it really is or could get for the rest of the country and Northern Hemispshere.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 979114

There are many parts of the US hit harder than Pacific West Coast states. It depends on rain, geography, when and what's in it. Countries across the Atlantic will see it too. It's aerosolized along with beta contaminates. If your state hasn't found it - they aren't testing. They should test. Everyone who does finds it. Massachusetts, Colorado has more than SF in some categories some days. If California and Hawaii have cesium and iodine in milk - Wisconsin does too and Texas cattle also. Cesium is in French milk across the Atlantic. They'll get plutonium too.
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