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"Christianity" vs Shintoist Paganism in Japan; how come that they have the highest moral in the World?

Anonymous Coward
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04/25/2011 01:23 PM
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"Christianity" vs Shintoist Paganism in Japan; how come that they have the highest moral in the World?
I come from a country that was destroyed by fake vatican judeo christianity.

Our idiot academic teachers said that this religion was good for the country otherwise we would have disappeared in the ocean of History.

I love how the Japanese people escaped from the inhuman, reptilian created "christianity" and - despite they don't have moral teaching from Jesus - they still have the highest moral on Earth. (giving our fallen situation)

While in the judeo-christian West/Central Europe you are always in risk to be robbed off by some scum in Japan you can leave your wallet/camera on a bench for hours (real case) it'll left until you go back and pick it up.

This is insane that in my country there was judeo-cristianity for centuries with draconian laws (hand cut off for taking a chicken) and crime just exploded during the last decades...from my point of view "cristianity" was a total catastrophe for my country and its "believing" people; we should have picked Shintoism! lol

Time to go back to Reality after 1000 years of insane judeo-christianity...the Japanese proved that humans doesn't need an artificial and manipulative religion with moral teaching; we know in our hearts what is correct...or not.

Also, the proto-humans who wandered around for 100 000 years was just fine without especially the fake judeo-christianity...they were doing just fine eating, sleeping, joining fertility orgies and so on; now we got absolutely nothing thanks to judeo-christianity.