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Message Subject The Arab/Muslims are fabricated enemies just like Russians, Grenada, Panama and ET's.
Poster Handle GhostViking
Post Content
you're a moron
 Quoting: aloy3313 1360742

You live in a council flat you wear a string vest and you dont know who your father is right ?

Thanks for bumping my thread with your witty insight !

 Quoting: GhostViking

4 bed semi, vest ? (go commando though, does that count ?) and mum has family bible with family history since mid 1850's originating in Cork.

how about you 'ghostviking' ?
 Quoting: aloy3313 1360742

Yes mate commando is the only way !

Cork? Birthplace of Roy Keane I believe .

My family is half english half spanish , my surname is German originating from cologne .
3 bed semi in northern england in the sticks .
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