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HAARP ....is HIGH FREQ ACT Auroral Research Program aka G.W.E.N /Cobra Dane

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04/28/2011 05:52 PM
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HAARP ....is HIGH FREQ ACT Auroral Research Program aka G.W.E.N /Cobra Dane
IF anyone is really interested in why it was created they need to look closer at the Poles. The South Pole is the mega HAARP facility. My Dad was the logistic manager for GWEN way back in the 70's and the redesigned Cobra Dane at Shemya in 87-89. And Raytheon bought Cobra's radar and started HAARP based those programs. I have reason enough to believe that the real issue is that we may experience a polarity shift soon. Atleast the Goverment thinks so and they put out this massive project at South Pole to use this high tech wave system to help control the shifting. Also little sites all ove the world have been implented to control the weather by wave freq. They aren't all alike they have different uses for certain locals. Earthquakes and huge climate change is really due to something pulling at Earth. Does this sound too farfetched? Well it isn't