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04/29/2011 02:49 PM
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blah blabber blah...
May God ever forgive us for what we have done? We have led people astray like blind sheep for the slaughter. - Anonymous.

In a world that has just been granted its freedom, from totalitarian tyrants, or at least partial freedoms. There are many groups out there, wishing to take our freedoms. The end justifies the means- an utmost perverse doctrine. Does that mean an end to peoples justice? An end to righteousness? For the sake of conserving an idea, a movement? Ideas and movements are superficial in the sense they come and go. But many have deliberately manipulated the masses's constructed ideologies to supersede the truth and reality, with artificial beliefs and doctrine as to what is right and wrong, truth and falseness. The truth being replaced by a lie given validity. After all, each one of you, is just a perception. Perceptions may be easily altered. I do not wish nor do not seek to step on toes. I just want to give light to a matter that has existed for over a millennia. Quietly look around you, observe and analyze, man's current existence with nature, and how you suppose it should be. Man through the eons, has learned to manipulate their neighbor, for their pleasure. At the same time we think we are kings, we are being manipulated by an even greater force than that of our own. We do not give it much thought as we each believe we are the originators of our thought and our words. It is not so. Remember everything you have ever thought and ever said has been said and thought by a being before you. May your thought forsake pessimism and negativism, in the end all it will cause is a pollution of negative thought, that may over-encumber man's will, emotions, and acts. Stop searching for the incredible, the mysterious, the unknown, and remember you are incredible, mysterious, and unknown. Spend time with the loved ones, life is short. Remember that one day we'll all go our own separate ways, so enjoy this present the Almighty has given you.