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US Military Coup Update – Texas Battle on 8/28/05

Anonymous Coward
08/31/2005 11:19 AM
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US Military Coup Update – Texas Battle on 8/28/05
[doveofo] NESARA Prevails; US Military Coup Update – Texas Battle on
August 30, 2005 5:03 p.m. PDT

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

I’m addressing the current efforts of certain retired and active US
military Commanders to do a military coup in the United States because
the good US military Commanders need to know there is a much better
way to restore Constitutional Law in the USA and that is by supporting
NESARA. Some of the pro-coup leaders and military Commanders are
saying they are trying to do a coup to restore Constitutional Law,
BUT, this is NOT what the top leaders of the coup have in mind.

The top leaders of the coup efforts are two extremely well-known
retired Generals from the Gulf War – Desert Storm – and have been on
television a great deal over the years. One of them was the top
General of the Gulf War and the other was the head of the entire US
military at that time. We all saw pictures of them on television
reports from the Gulf War when the Chief of Staff went over to the
Middle East to meet with the top General over the US forces fighting
the Gulf War in 1990-1991.

From my hundreds of telephone conferences with people all over the USA
in the last five years, I have amassed a great deal of intelligence
including some little-known facts about the two leaders of the current
US military coup efforts. These two retired Generals have been
working on their own agenda for about 20 years. They both are double
agents for some of the European owners of the Federal Reserve banking
system; they are both intending to continue the agenda to establish a
new/one world order. But, for 20 years they have pretended they are
strong Constitutional Law supporters as part of their plan to recruit
US military commanders to support their unlawful military coup

These two retired Generals even pretended at one time that they
supported the NESARA Law. The US Supreme Court Judges in charge of
NESARA put these two retired US military Generals on the Commission
which is supposed to get NESARA announced. The Judges themselves are
blocking the announcement of NESARA and these retired Generals knew
the Judges were going to block NESARA; it was all a pretense for those
who sincerely supported NESARA to be fooled into believing these
retired Generals were actually doing something to get NESARA

In 2000 and 2001, I spoke with people on the telephone network who
knew about closed-door meetings at the Pentagon at which these two
retired Generals supposedly worked on plans to get NESARA announced.
But in fact, these two retired Generals never intended to get NESARA
announced; it was all a pretense to gain the confidence of true
Constitutional Law supporters in the military and elsewhere.

After the US Supreme Court Judges who ruled in favor of the farmers on
the Farmers’ Cases in 1993, the Judges told General Roy Schwasinger to
do the Farm Claims process in certain ways. The Judges purposely set
up the procedures General Schwasinger was supposed to use so that
later General Schwasinger could be charged with fraud related to the
Farm Claims. The Judges put General Schwasinger under gag order
regarding what he could say. Then after the Farms Claims process was
initiated, General Schwasinger was arrested and tried on charges which
the Judges had planned he would be charged with in order to stop the
Farm Claims.

Both of the retired Generals leading the current military coup efforts
were involved in the Farm Claims. I have spoken with people who
attended Farm Claims meetings where these Generals made an appearance.
These two Generals COULD have come to the aid of General Schwasinger,
but they did not because they never truly supported the Farm Claims
and the reforms of government, banking, and legal systems which the
Farm Claims process was supposed to bring. The two Generals had
infiltrated the Farm Claims process to gain the confidence of military
officers and others who truly do support Constitutional Law. I spoke
a few weeks ago with someone who assisted General Schwasinger with the
court cases he filed; this person confirmed that General Schwasinger
had realized the two retired Generals betrayed the Farm Claims

Recently I have purposely begun exposing the current military coup
actions in the hope that some of our US military Commanders will
REFUSE to help with the coup because the coup is getting too much
publicity. A military coup in the US can only be effective if it can
be done mainly in secret. I am purposely publicizing this military
coup effort to make it more visible and thus make it TOO HOT an issue
for some US military Commanders to support. I am not telling you
about the military coup efforts to scare you. By writing about this
current coup effort, my purpose is to reach retired and active US
military officers and intelligence leaders and inform them there is a
better path for reforming our country: NESARA.

We want most US military officers to support NESARA and because of the
gag order, many do not know about NESARA. Because I’m telling details
about the current military coup efforts, more Commanders will be
informed about NESARA and we expect they will decide to support NESARA
and NOT the military coup.

When I checked with one of my sources last Saturday, August 27, 2005,
I was told the only actions by the pro-coup US military were the
movements of numerous US military units around the USA. The movements
of these coup-supporting US military units have been going on
continuously for months. Part of the reason for the moving around of
these US military units by their pro-coup Commanders was to keep the
Bush government off balance. By moving the pro-coup forces around in
seemingly random patterns, the pro-coup Commanders hoped to keep the
Bush government guessing about where, how, and when they might strike.

Unfortunately last Sunday, August 28, 2005, I was not able to reach
intelligence sources regarding any new developments in the pro-coup US
military activities.

However, I was informed yesterday that there was in fact a battle on
Sunday, August 28th in Texas between the pro-coup US military forces
and the Bush government’s US military forces. The battle took place
close to a part of Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas. From my sources
in Texas and intelligence sources, I’ve learned the Fort Hood US
military base and reservation, which covers a substantial area, is not
far southwest of Bush’s ranch in Texas. Fort Hood was used as a
stop-over by pro-coup US military 7th Armored units under the guise of
doing exercises. Last Sunday, August 28th, the pro-coup leaders
thought they had a chance to attack Bush at his ranch near Crawford,

When the pro-coup US military 7th Armored units began to cross a
certain area, the Bush government US military leaders ordered US Air
Force fighter jets and other US military units to attack the pro-coup
US military 7th Armored units which were on their way to attack Bush’s
ranch with the intent of eliminating Bush himself.

The pro-coup US military 7th Armored units were heavily attacked and
most personnel were lost in the battle; the Bush government’s US
military forces were successful in stopping the attack on Bush some
miles before the 7th Armored reached Bush’s ranch land. The area
involved is mainly grassy ranch land and people in the area have been
ordered to keep quiet about these events.

So far there have been a total of four US military Generals who have
been removed from their commands by the Bush government. Only one of
these four Generals, General Kevin Byrnes, who held a Pentagon post,
has been discussed in the media.

Unfortunately, there are likely to be more pro-coup military attacks
to try to take over the US federal government in the not too distant
future. However, the military coup will not be successful. There is
strong protection ensuring the military coup in the USA is NOT
successful because it would lead instantly to “martial law” and that
would be devastating for Americans.

Apparently Russian intelligence has been fooled by the leaders of the
military coup efforts. The Russians are wrong to think these leaders
are good people; these leaders are every bit as bad as the Bush
government and have the same intentions of furthering the new/one
world order.

It is very sad that hundreds of good American military people, who are
following deceptive coup leaders, had to die in Texas last Sunday.
Numerous good-hearted, truly patriotic US military officers have been
deceived by the two retired Generals leading the coup. Let us take a
moment to send blessings, prayers, and heartfelt love to these who
have lost their lives and to others who are risking their lives in
both groups of our US military involved in these very serious actions
of the failing military coup efforts. Let us bless those who are
refusing to become involved in these coup efforts and hope some of
those involved will stop supporting this unlawful coup. It will save
lives and be better for America to have the pro-coup actions end as
soon as possible.

I know for a fact there are very good people in our military who do
NOT support Bush, BUT doing a coup is NOT the right way to reform our
country. America is NOT destined to be a “banana republic” and a
military coup is most definitely NOT American!

There are many good US military officers that have NOT joined the coup
efforts. There are many who truly want Constitutional Law restored
and they do not support the Bush government in their hearts and minds.
If you know a US military officer, tell them you do NOT support a
military coup in the US – YOU SUPPORT NESARA – NESARA is the ANSWER.
Give them a NESARA flyer and ask them to stand by in support of

NESARA has been supported by US military groups in the past; some know
NESARA is the answer. When NESARA is announced, it will accomplish
many long overdue reforms of our American government, legal, and
banking systems. For those of you new to NESARA, the major provisions
of NESARA - the National Economic Security And Reformation Act (passed
in March 2000 and under gag order until announced) include the

1. Restores Constitutional Law in the US as the forefathers intended
when they signed the Declaration of Independence.
2. Requires the current US administration to resign their positions to
allow a fresh start at the national level and installs
Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President
Designates until new elections can take place within 120 days.
3. NESARA US President Designate declares “peace” due to NESARA’s
abolishing all unconstitutional “national states of emergency”. All
US military aggressive actions will cease immediately.
4. Zeroing out credit card balances, forgiveness of mortgages and
other bank debt as a remedy for 70 years of bank and government fraud.

5. Initiates the US Treasury Bank System with new U.S. Treasury
currency backed by precious metals. Bank personnel have already been
trained on NESARA and the new currency is already in some bank vaults.

6. Abolishes Income Taxes in US and creates a new national sales tax
on new non-essential items as revenue for government.

(See the History section of www.NESARA.US for more information:
[link to www.nesara.us] )

We will get NESARA fixed and get NESARA announced WITHOUT A SHOT
FIRED! Certain actions for NESARA are making good progress. We had
good news on these actions just this morning! NESARA is the ANSWER!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action Teams

Dove uses a pen-name for security and privacy reasons. The term "White
Knights" is borrowed from the Wall Street Journal and the world of big
business hostile takeovers when a vulnerable company is "rescued from
a hostile takeover by a White Knight” corporation or wealthy person.
Certainly, these people fighting to bring Americans and the world the
benefits of NESARA and to rescue our people from government and
banking fraud deserve to be called “White Knights”.
John the Baptist
12/08/2005 10:09 AM
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Re: US Military Coup Update – Texas Battle on 8/28/05

any other way to confirm this info?
Anonymous Coward
12/08/2005 10:09 AM
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Re: US Military Coup Update – Texas Battle on 8/28/05
Link? There´s no fucking link!

NESARA is a dorky hoax like planet x and that zetacrap.

Anonymous Coward
12/08/2005 10:09 AM
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Re: US Military Coup Update – Texas Battle on 8/28/05
Good thing Katrina is keeping those Southern pesky soldiers busy this week, they´ll have to put the coup on hold for a little while whilest Georgie Porgie goes back to the work look instead of the vacation look.
Anonymous Coward
12/08/2005 10:09 AM
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Re: US Military Coup Update – Texas Battle on 8/28/05
So who shot Boorda twice in the chest? in the Pent up Gone yet? Duriing Clintons reign. It wern´t no sui-side but an Arkan-side? Any thoughts on Kennedy?
Anonymous Coward
12/08/2005 10:09 AM
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Re: US Military Coup Update – Texas Battle on 8/28/05
Instead of restoring constitutional law of man, how about restoring rule under the law of God?