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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle johnlear
Post Content
Dear Mr. Lear, thanks for bothering to come here to share your beliefs.

I always try to keep a distintion between beliefs and knowledge, but is not easy. I'm also a truthseeker, so I share your vison about being always in pursue of it, and being able to rethink all over when is needed.

I'd like to ask you what's your take in the 2012 "end of time" ideas.

Regards from Chile!
 Quoting: Red Hot Chilean Pepe (nli) 1364348

There will be no end of time in 2012 or in the future. The 2012 scam is perpetrated by the PTB to keep the world in a constant state of anxiety and worry.

When people are worried and anxious about their safety they are more likely to follow orders blindly from someone who says they are 'here to help'.

Don't believe it. You are the only one that can help yourself.
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