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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle johnlear
Post Content
So did you fly over area 51 and if so how did you do it?
 Quoting: hi 1227309

The onlytime I flew near or right on the border was in the early 80's. I took a picture which I will post.

In 1993 on a dark and stormy night (December 23) I was flying a DC-8 to San Francisco. My route took me about 25 miles north of Groom Lake and as we came directly abeam I picked up the mike, changed it to their frequency and said:

"Dreamland, Dreamland, this is John Lear and Bob Lazar wishing you a Merry Christmas."

They didn't respond but after that date the call sign for Groom changed from Dreamland to Control.

So now all the planes contacting Groom say, "Control, Control this is....."
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