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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You have not answered my questions yet but that is understandable. It is almost impossible to keep up when doing something like this.

So I will throw something out for you, John.

Your ideas about the Moon are closer to the truth than anything I have read or heard about from inside of the mainstream culture.

Many would find such concepts to be weird but as with everything else in this terrestrial 3D existence, the truth is actually stranger than fiction.

Indeed there is some sort of "receiving station" based upon the Moon and which has to do with the recycling of human souls after physical death.

Another thing.. The Moon was placed there by an advanced alien race and is really an artificial satellite. This race is one that is often referred to by those in the know (meaning ETs) as "The Guardians" (that is how it would translate into English) of this Galaxy.

However, our main planetary satellite was in effect hijacked by another race and they are the ones currently mining the surface of the Moon. Most of the beings identified as "Grays" by human experiencers are in fact cyber-genetic or robotic beings being operated by this race, which is primarily reptilian in its genetic structure.

If one were able to penetrate through to the core of the human elite power structure on this planet, one would find terrestrial humans who are in league with this race of beings. This has to do with all of the conspiracy theories having to do with ruling class bloodlines extending all of the way back to Mesopotamia and still in effect today. Also, the "secret space program" is part of this hidden power structure.

Finally, the cleansing that you speak of and which takes place approximately every 12,500 years on this planet (not actually every 25 or 26 thousand years)
has to do with the Guardian Race allowing for a natural cleansing of this planet, in order for a clean slate to be provided. It is then when events having to do with spiritual development will determine if the next "class" of humans will undertake a high road or a relatively low road in their spiritual learning pattern. Whichever path is chosen will then determine which type of alien race makes direct contact for the purposes of education and starting the organized civilization over again.

The best way to think of all of this is that the Earth is like a school and each civilization is but another class of students undertaking spiritual advancement lessons in its classrooms.
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