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Message Subject Cayce map of the US is almost complete on weather.com
Poster Handle superdave
Post Content

I just happen to have that one as a smiley.
 Quoting: Madigan

This is a retarded Map!

The Ocean is covering Flagstaff lol and the Rockies...

I'm sitting here at 7,200 feet under a 13,000 ft mountain... which will be under water But Kansas at like 0 feet wont be...

Proof Cayce was as much a nut case as anyone else
 Quoting: superdave

It's called earth change. What goes up, must come down!


Naaa....I'm just messin' with ya. It does look like a 5th grader made it, huh.
 Quoting: Madigan

IF Part of the USA that is as high as 14,000 feet above sea level suddenly sunk to below water and the rest that is like on sea level rose up... no one on earth would survive that...

The Florida and Coastal stuff is plausible but the Rockies sinking bellow the sea is insane lol
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