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Message Subject John Lear's real brother
Poster Handle jaxlearnorris
Post Content
yeah, and i'm John Lear's daughter.
 Quoting: jaxlearnorris 1369077


What is going on? I got relatives coming out the WaZOO?

If you are my daughter where where you born?

What country did you live in when you were 3 years old?

What was your first dogs name?

What screenplay are you currently writing?

What is you daughters name?

This should settle this one very quickly!!!!!!!
 Quoting: johnlear

on Zeta Beta

on earth or celestial?


Life in Learland


and I'm looking for back child support...you know I'm poor these days Dad...
 Quoting: jaxlearnorris

OMIGOD! It is you Jax! I haven't talked
to you since this morning.

How's Matt?

Welcome to GLP.

Please tell
my friends what Zobe said about the tape recorder.
 Quoting: johnlear

After messing with my sacred tape player which demanded swift and strict punishment (because it holds my only way for future financial security) her little 3 year old red headed face looked up and said, "But I just wanted to hear Poppa tell his stories." Bad mom moment...mom 0 child 1

Matt's Matt


Told you I'd get around to it...couldn't let Dave be your only back-up here! LOL! How do I get an avatar pic?
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