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05/04/2011 12:46 AM
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Ever since I heard that the "official" birth certificate was available for download, and after receiving a rather disturbing email, I've been going crazy trying to find a copy of Adobe Illustrator to put this disturbing email to a test. Tonight, I located a copy of Adobe Illustrator 9.0 and proceeded to load it up. After the 3rd attempt, I realized it wouldn't work in a 64 bit computer. So....I fired up the grandkids laptop (my old retired 32 bit Windows XP computer) and volo! Working software. I then proceeded to go to whitehouse.gov to download the available PDF file of this document. After the download, I opened it up in Illustrator 9.0. Mearily zooming in on this document gives the impression it's not up to par (the safety paper it's printed on doesn't show the imprint behind a lot of the words. It's simply white behind the writing. You can do this with just Adobe Reader. Open the document and zoom in) BUT that's not the real kicker. The real kicker is when you double click the primary layer of the document, i.e. layer 1. This opens up more than ten other layers, some of which have layers wihin layers. What does this mean? I can click these layers and hide them. This does things like remove names and partial names, signatures and dates, something that simply cant be done with things like birth certificates from 1961. I was born in 1962. Just for giggles I pulled my original Oklahoma birth cetificate and scanned it into a PDF file....just like our President did, right? Guess what? Open it up in Illustrator and it also has one layer...with absolutely nothing else under it. Without having to utilize heresay, this old country boy has proven without a shaddow of doubt, not only is it a forgery, it's a real bad one at that. Prove it for yourself. I HAD to as it simply seemed to hard to believe. wtf
*This reply is no threat, nor is it meant to be misunderstood nor construed, twisted, bent or otherwise shaped into something it is not. It is not idle nor deliberate nor meant to be taken in any kind of way that would implicate anything other than thoughts of marshmallow clouds, spring mountains or anything else pleasant, yet not illegal. Also note anything you say or do in reply, whether positive, pissed off, bent out of shape or distressed in any human form (disregarding on record mental illnesses) can be held against you in a court of law. Let it further be known that if someone leaves a response that I find derogatory, I reserve the right to piss and moan, cuss, kick objects that don't breath, (sorry PETA) and throw a general temper tantrum without be held responsible for any actions I may say or act out upon