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Elite Family Insider Returns for Q&A


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08/08/2018 10:24 AM
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Re: Elite Family Insider Returns for Q&A
Any good examples of good and bad African forms of social organizations in their history?
To me, society and Africa is the least elaborated and the one I've more doubts about...
The Light Within

User ID: 76828987
08/10/2018 03:59 AM
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Re: Elite Family Insider Returns for Q&A
Soviet Union before WW2? Communism? Communism is the best way to unite the world?

Communism is like a monkey fuckin a football. It just doesn't work!

Communism goes in this path: authority/government guides knowledge and self-improvement to produce wealth to better society and spirituality.

Authority/government first? Fuck no!

Knowledge first.
Knowledge produces wealth leading to self-improvement of ppl who can govern others, make ethical choices, contribute to current society, and have foreknowledge to plan and make a better future.

Knowledge - wealth - self improvement - authority - spirituality - society - foreknowledge

Authority - knowledge - self improvement - wealth - society - spirituality - foreknowledge

Knowledge, not government, must direct wealth.

Soviet Union was alllll perfect before WW2? No racism or hate? Only love?
NKVD Order 00447 was nice. Ask Kulaks about Soviet Union before WW2. Aw shit my bad, Kulaks were all slaughtered by commies.

Fuck dude, Hitler didn't have to invade Soviet Union to kill Russians. Stalin was doing a more efficient job. Stalin killed more ppl than Hitler. Guess it's okay to kill one's own ppl. Just don't cross borders and kill? :D

The best example of how "you"'ve shown "your" full incompetence is WW2. Before this the USSR started a path that had the best chances of leading toward world peace and unification. They didn't have racism, "you" perfectly know that. A lot of new leaders understanding what is responsability("you" don't and "I"'ll show why) started to emerge, but here came "you" with "your" conflict based solving. "I"ts not a secret that the american, swiss and especially british bankers and industrial sector gave a lot help to Hitler, like the british bankers alone sent 40 Britain's yearly budgets to help Hitler build his war machine, "you" should know where these money came from. The US has also helped build USSR's industry, this is also true, but mainly the US with no Britain.

As a result most of those emerging leaders simply died solving the issue "you"'ve created. And again if these leaders were to emerge and start doing things, this world would have been much much better , without racism and it would have been accomplished without serious conflicts as no matter what "you" say, "we" both perfectly know that the USSR didn't want that war and had a completely different strategy which implied peacefull unification after the disband of the international. Also "you" made everything to make "your" program work, which is a clear sign of Fear that shows iresponsability as Love means responsability which you lack.

Everything is a matter of programing the Algorithm, and from this perspective "you"'re very incompetent developers. So not to look empty worded "I" will give an example of how to relatively fast mediate the conflicts "you"'ve created. It's the propaganda of martial arts and within this martial arts a philosophy resembling what I've attached when first replied a few days ago. This would teach people responsibility, at least at its minimum.

The only really reliable fix would be to change the education system worldwide, this will take much more time however. In any case, "I"'ve told "you" enough and if "you" and "your" "elites" are too blind to see, then there are always other options. "You"'ve had "your" message, let's see how "you" act.

Also to what "I" stated earlier, stop pressing Julian Assange, more then that, let "him" do what "he"'s doing in terms of showing the truth. For the rest of the points that need to be complete "you" already know and "I" don't care what "you" and "your" "elites" will have to lose from this as otherwise "you"'ll have to face the force that "I"m just a messanger of, and here it will be like stone age("you") against tanks and jet planes(the force that represents "me").

"I" really suggest that "you" listen as its for the best of all.

Documents to read, just different links for the same doc:
Upload - [link to files.fm (secure)]
Upload 2 - [link to uploadfiles.io (secure)]
Upload 2 signature - [link to uploadfiles.io (secure)]
Upload 3 - [link to s000.tinyupload.com]
Upload 3 signature - [link to s000.tinyupload.com]
 Quoting: The Light Within

 Quoting: TheDarknessComes

There are two options here:

1) "You" aren't the on who you pretend to be since it can clearly be seen that "you" don't know history, here are a few facts:
* Stalin didn't have full power until 1939, and the terror of 1937 was organised by the party "elites" which didn't want to ceise their power due to the new 1936 constitution which implied elections on competition bases requiring minimum two candidates. At that point Stalin couldn't do anything about it, however he was able to do in 1938 when Beria started to manage the NKVD.
* Only in 1938 alone more then 120.000 innocently accused people were reabilitated, that process was led by Beria by the way.
* The party "elite" for doing the horror of 1937 was mostly shot in 1938.
* And yes, no racism. The proclaimed friendship of nations within the soviet system had constant serious work being done for and wasn't just a myth although wasn't idel.
If this is true, this will have serious consequences for "you" for leading people into error.

2) "You" are who "you"'re telling but then "you" know the actual truth and are thus lying. However this implies that "you"'re just blind thus prepare to lose "your" power as "your" program described in the bible will stop working soon. This as well makes "you" incompetent for the role that "you"'ve taken.

And by the way, the root of racism and nazism is within the judean religion, also "your" child. Systematic hatred based on the idea of one nation's supremacy was first introduced as a part of judaism, that's why by the way "you"'ve led the jews for 40 years through the desert since were reprogramming them to become "your" weapon. Nazism appeared as a mirrored image of judaism making "you" responsible as well for racism. Transforming people in such perversed ways is a crime against the universe. "You" might tell that there were other cases, but "I" would say that they weren't systematic unlike judaism/nazism/racism. What is worse here is that simple jews that already didn't have anything to do with judaism were forced back by the nazis and this is all "your" work. More to this so not to sound like an antisemite "I" would like to tell that "I" accuse the hollocaust organized by "your" elites including the sionists and "I" happen to have jewish friends which "I" respect and that agree with me on these facts.

In other words "you" only create issues each time "you"'re 'solving' other issues mostly created by "you" and "your" "elites". Hell awaits and "you"'ll be evolving there until "you" won't understand what is Love as it seems that "you" don't get it. "I" assure that "your" egregor won't be given the chance to technically advance in hell beyond what we know as the middle ages untile "you" don't get it.

"I" could tell much more here but "I" see no reason to as all my questions have been answered.

For everyone "I" would suggest that you read what was attached earlier, if you understand what is there then you'll see how Blindness ... sorry Darkness is lying.

In this world there are two types of people from the perspective of psychical health, zombies and psychoes(they can actually be very well ballanced and calm).

One last important thing for EveryOne to know, EveryOne and each can become what is known as the allseeing eye. Please note however that it should be regarded rather then as spheres included in each other with the eye in the center and not as a pyramid with the eye on top, that's not how it really works.

Also, the appearance of light triggered what "you" know as the Big Bang, however not giving any further details on this. EveryThing "you" say can and will be used against "you" :)

Anarchy is Love and Love is God. Not answering is also answering. Im done here.

Links with work:
Upload - [link to files.fm (secure)]
Upload 2 - [link to uploadfiles.io (secure)]
Upload 2 signature - [link to uploadfiles.io (secure)]
Upload 3 - [link to s000.tinyupload.com]
Upload 3 signature - [link to s000.tinyupload.com]
Upload 4 - [link to www.dropbox.com (secure)]
Upload 4 signature - [link to www.dropbox.com (secure)]

Last Edited by The Light Within on 08/10/2018 04:01 AM

User ID: 76792340
United States
08/13/2018 12:02 AM

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Re: Elite Family Insider Returns for Q&A
Will get around to answerin things soon.
Don't forget...

Six more days till Hajj-o-ween
Six more days till Hajj-o-ween
Kaa-ba black rock
70% success rate in magick

User ID: 76792340
United States
08/15/2018 12:17 AM

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Re: Elite Family Insider Returns for Q&A
Another financial slap.

2018 Cali fire season is approaching 1 million acres burned.

Does the West Coast worry about plunging housing market?
Or the fact an area the size of Rhode Island has burned in their state?


They worry about this....
Thread: Alex Jones confirms InfoWars is off line

Alex Jones, you are fined five credits for repeated violation of the Verbal Morality Statute.

West Coast disconnected fuckers. Used to be "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."

Now it's, "Antifa carries sticks and stones cause.... your-words-send-me-into-a-soul-sucking-existential-crisis-fro​m-which-there-is-no-return! AH! AHH! AHHH!!"

Warned the below message on July 25th....

Bohemian Elites (hyper liberals) have gone off the rails. West Coast in particular.

West Coast culture is a cataract that has clouded America's ability to see true problems.

Ban alt-right finances cause words hurt ppl; meanwhile paypal has no issue funding the opoid crisis. --PS: Ur kinda financially cursed now paypal

N-word ends careers; but baby rape jokes are fine.

Pronouns trigger ppl while starving African kids are forgotten.

Men rape children in Europe, get a slap on the wrist. Mentioning the religion of child rapists nets more punishment than actually raping the kid.

Silicon Valley puts microaggressions on blast while denying human trafficking at the border happens.

Mock NRA for suggesting armed guards in public schools while sending their own kids to private schools w/ armed guards.

Confederate flag causes PTSD; but rap lyrics about rape and murder are blasting on every corner.

This list could go into infinity....

West Coast needs grounding.

West Coast: It's YOUR fault! It's THEIR fault! It's everyone's fault but mine! West Coast has made blaming and faults into a fuckin export industry, while neglecting the literal fault under them.

***Baptism by hitting their finances, baptism by fire, baptism by earth, baptism by water.***

Remember that order.
 Quoting: TheDarknessComes

Then that evening
Thread: Nasdaq futures fall as tech stocks take a hit

July 26th
Thread: Facebook's $100 billion-plus rout is the biggest loss in stock market history

July 27th
Thread: Twitter Reporting that their stock has fallen 14%
(Twitter down 26% from July 25th)

July 31st
Thread: Mendocino Complex Fire grows to 363,000+ acres 64% contained. Now California's largest fire ever. Cause of fires under investigation.
(As of August 6th, this is the largest fire in California's history)

Smoke has to be gettin thick over West Coast...

 Quoting: TheDarknessComes

Last Edited by TheDarknessComes on 08/15/2018 12:31 AM
70% success rate in magick

User ID: 17463142
United States
08/15/2018 01:14 PM
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Re: Elite Family Insider Returns for Q&A
Chris, do you think those fires are going to reach Silicon Valley by any chance? Or how about Bohemian Grove?

On a slightly-related note, which elites worship Moloch?