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Message Subject GLPVC's The Raw Feed presents "A Chat with John Lear" - Updated 5/10/11 ** Podcast is Up
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John! How are you doing? My name is Alex and I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask you. Perhaps, you would be able to answer these during the conversation tomorrow. It's in regards to Teleportation. De-materializing in one location and re-materializing in another. Also conscious mental teleportation during the use of DMT or meditations. What do you know about the Chariot of the Gods or what is now currently known as a Merkkaba?

Is there anything you can say regarding the DMT Alien Communication Chemical Technology? I do not mean to insult your intelligence, these are some of the questions on my mind. Please check out this thread of mine... I make a basic theory on the Visible Spectrum. It would be an honor if you reviewed it. Thank You John! -alex.

Thread: Salvia - Breaking Out Of The Matrix
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