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Whitepapers: Chemtrails are actually called Geoengineering - Poisonous Aluminum Oxide and Sulfur Dioxide

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05/16/2011 05:28 PM
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Whitepapers: Chemtrails are actually called Geoengineering - Poisonous Aluminum Oxide and Sulfur Dioxide
I just found this. You may already know about this, I don't know, but this post still has great info and links directly to the actual documents and whitepapers. It is irrefutable proof that we are being poisoned by our own government by the "chemtrails" on purpose. This could very well explain a lot of things, such as why so many fish and birds are suddenly dropping dead everywhere, and why our farmlands are being ruined by intentional floods, thereby destroying our own food sources. Please take a few minutes to look at this and the links at the bottom of the post and make up your own mind. Personally, I see it plain as day. These are WHITEPAPERS!

"According to these mad scientists and think tank globalists, CO2 that plants breathe is bad, and SO2 that causes acid rain is good; Al2O3 that is an irritant to skin, eyes, respiratory systems and may cause reproductive harm is good.


"Chemtrails are actually called Geoengineering

Aluminum Oxide and Sulfur Dioxide are added to jet fuel and sprayed by commercial wide-body aircraft at ~$0.3/pound (in dollars adjusted for 1997 inflation), leaving those giant white trails in the sky. After enough are sprayed, the sky turns to overcast.

They are patented by US Patent 5003186 and are mentioned by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Council on Foreign Relations, UK Parliamentary OST, and other think tanks, agencies, and in academia. These scientists are trying to imitate the volcanic ash emissions caused by Mt. Pinatubo that erupted in 1991 in the Philippines. Studies by NASA have shown that the ash coverage cooled the earth, so this is their solution global warming, now referred to as climate change.

I say we let nature run its course, and switch to cleaner fuels. The spraying needs to stop. Sulfur Dioxide causes acid rain, Aluminum oxide causes reproductive harm and skin irritation. CO2 increasing is actually a plus, because more plant life will grow, and eventually the plant life will balance out the excess CO2. These scientists clearly don't care about the long term consequences, and the "greater good" they push in the "Geoengineering Option" by the CFR is total nonsense.

SUVs and factories causing climate change is baloney, especially if the scientific community's false solution is to dump pollutants in the atmosphere using aircraft. These scientists are scam artists, trying to push a carbon tax system for their banker masters who issue their grant money. The US gets de-industrialized and China and India have no restrictions under this system. The Rothschild banking dynasty out of London will pocket the carbon tax money and make the rest of the world their peasant slaves. I am not joking. I know it sounds cartoonish and outlandish, but you have to do your homework to even grasp what I am talking about.

Go to my website [link to www.patriotportal.yolasite.com] to see all of the documents I reference in this film. Give these out to your friends. This aerial spraying program must stop as soon as possible.

Calling this phenomenon a "conspiracy theory" isn't going to work anymore, because we have the actual white papers on this. Send my website and especially the documents, to everyone you know."

1. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Global Warming and Ice Ages:
Prospects for Physics-Based Modulation of Global Change

[link to patriotportal.yolasite.com]

"Sub-Microscopic Oxide Particulates. During the present decade, the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines induced a transient drop in the global mean temperature of ~0.5˚ K, apparently due to insolation modulation by volcanic particulates. It is believed that this cooling was induced predominantly by scattering of sunlight by SO2-based particulates of sub-micron scale, ones which may have grown into more effective scatterers by scavenging residual stratospheric water and cations, resulting in myriad still-sub-micron droplets of high concentration sulfur acids and salts."

"We estimate a total cost of lifting mass into the stratosphere on wide-body commercial aircraft to be ~$0.3/pound"

2. Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

[link to patriotportal.yolasite.com]

"Stratospheric Aerosols"


[link to patriotportal.yolasite.com]

"Wallace Broecker has suggested still a sixth mechanism for mitigation of climatic change. He points out that sulfur dioxide particles ejected by volcanoes persist in suspension in the upper atmosphere for several years, with
a significant increase in earth's albedo. He suggests that a similar veil of tiny sulfuric acid particles could be dispersed artificially in the upper stratosphere by aircraft."

4. Council on Foreign Relations
Unilateral Geoengineering

[link to patriotportal.yolasite.com]

"There are a variety of strategies, such as injecting light-reflecting particles into the stratosphere, that might be used to modify the Earth’s atmosphere-ocean system in an
attempt to slow or reverse global warming. All of these "geoengineering" strategies involve great uncertainty and carry significant risks."

5. US Patent 5003186 issued to Hughes Aircraft Company called for adding aluminum oxide to jet fuel.

[link to patriotportal.yolasite.com]

"A desired material for the stratospheric seeding has a reflection coefficient close to unity for near IR radiation, and a reflection coefficient close to zero (or emissity close to unity) for far IR radiations. FIG. 3 is a graph illustrating an ideal emissivity versus wavelength function for the desired material. Another class of materials having the desired property includes the oxides of metals. For example, aluminum oxide (Al2O3) is one metal oxide suitable for the purpose and is relatively inexpensive."

6. Council on Foreign Relations
Geoengineering Option

[link to patriotportal.yolasite.com]

"Fiddling with the climate to fix the climate strikes most people as a shockingly bad idea."

"All of these are potentially dangerous endeavors that governments, with scientific support, have been able to manage for the greater good."