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I found this research on super storms and the creation of massive glaciers that covered parts of the earth.

We know when the Earth’s temperature rises, the Atlantic Conveyor extends further north into the Labrador and Norwegian Seas.

When the super storms in the Arctic start, they are massive hurricanes. Their winds are not only supported by the constant flow of warm water from the Atlantic Conveyor, but the Coriolis Effect also contributes to the cyclonic winds. The warm water and air drawn in from the Atlantic Conveyor, evaporates. This creates convection and the heat rises up through the eye wall of the storm. The storm increases updraft velocity such that not all evaporation takes place near the Earth’s surface. With sufficient air velocity the warm moist air is evaporating all the way up to the upper atmosphere. It is well known in meteorology that upper atmospheric liquid water can exist in a super-cooled state to minus 40 degrees F, even in today’s climate.

With super storm rapid updraft velocity and pressure changes, water can likely be super cooled to much lower temperatures. This would have the effect of cooling the upper atmosphere from a gaseous state to a liquid state. The fast rising air from the hurricane eye wall would keep large pools of the liquid atmosphere suspended. And then, when there is too much liquid atmosphere, it spills over and floods the Earth, instantly freezing the copious rainfalls in the outer bands of the super storm, even while the temperatures at the center of the storm are still 90 degrees F or warmer.
This unusual image of Hurricane Bonnie from high above the Earth shows what powerful hurricanes do just before they intensify -- build towers of clouds high into the sky.
Hyper Hurricanes

The heat from the evaporating air in the eye wall continues to rise right up through the stratosphere and gets radiated into space. In effect, the super storm becomes a massive air conditioner, just like the ones we use in our houses. But instead of pumping the heat out of a room, the hurricane pumps the heat off the planet. Hurricanes, or any cyclonic storms, are nature’s air conditioning units for keeping the Earth from overheating. But in a super storm situation, the air conditioner goes too far and freezes the Earth. That is how abrupt global warming produces abrupt global cooling.

While the super storm is at its peak and it begins pouring ice down in a specific location on the planet, the ice builds up to an enormous mountain many miles high. Keep in mind; one inch of rain is equal to 1 foot of snow.

[link to www.terracycles.com]
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